Buying the comics (question for the comic readers around here)

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I finally decided to give in and start reading the comics. I'm only four volumes in, but I'm really loving what I've read so far.

Anyway, the only issue I have with the comics is how expensive they are. As much as I want to continue reading the story to the end, I feel like paying $1000 for all 150 volumes is kind of absurd. Is there a cheaper deal that I should be looking at? Are there maybe some volumes that I could get by with skipping? Just curious.


  • If you are buying each comic individually, you should actually consider getting the issues in bundles. It saves a few bucks, usually holds 5 to 10 issues per volume, and is labeled after it's story arc(s). If you go to Vertigo's website ( You can probably save money going that route.

  • Thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

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    I just realized I was confusing issues and volumes. I have been paying ~$9-$10 per volume, and thought there was 140 of them... lol. This is the first comic I have ever read, so I guess that's why I was kind of confused.

    It appears that there are 20 volumes available to buy. Still kind of pricey, but definitely more affordable than I thought it was going to be.

  • I thought that sounded like a lot, lol. I own the first 14 volumes and Ive probably paid about 15 -20 dollars a piece in the brick and mortar stores.

  • has trades a very affordable prices you should check there.

  • also has a few good prices.

  • I guess you can search eBay as well. I've been borrowing volumes from the library. Its been good reading them.

  • I got a shitload of them on ebay a long time ago (I'm up to issue 85), but the series is so popular now that there's probably a torrent.

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