How do you feel about Larry's, Ben's , and Carver's deaths?

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Regarding Larry, I do not feel much remorse.
The guy had no almost a complete lack of empathy for others.
After I got him his pills, he tried to murder me.
He treated everyone around him like garbage.
And when Kenny, Mark and I brought Ben and his wounded classmate back to the motel, Larry said we should've let them die.
So it was hard to feel much sympathy for him.
And when he dropped, I helped Kenny, ( the only guy who had shown me loyalty), finish Larry off.

But Larry was still a human being, and it's a still a shame he's dead.
Even though I did not like him, and even though his attitude regarding other people disgusted me, I wished him no ill will.
I even told him in the meat locker that I was not his enemy.
The main reason I helped Kenny kill him, was when I reflected how quickly Ben's friend turned after he died, and not knowing what would happen next, I felt it was the only way to protect everyone else.

Regarding Ben.
Ben was just a kid.
He meant well, but screwed up all the time.
Nevertheless I still showed Ben kindness.
And when Kenny wanted to kill him in the classroom, after Ben's revelation, I stood up for him.
Cause I saw how badly Ben felt over what happened.
And that's why I saved him on top of the bell tower.
And I felt bad when he died in the alley below.

Regarding Carver.
I hated Carver!
After all the innocent people he killed, and all the other harm he did, I felt no regret over his death.
Carver deserved to die for what he did!


  • You know, you can use spoiler tags and change the title specially for the Carver part

  • Eh, personally I found it really easy to sympathize with Larry because he genuinely tried to save Lee from zombie David/Travis. I mean, it was the perfect opportunity for him to do nothing and get the guy he supposedly hated killed without getting any of the blame. Say what you will about Larry's attitude to strangers, but it seemed like he really wanted to protect the group to me.

    [Insert obligatory reference to Larry's charm+ass]

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    Larry...I didn't like him, he was a complete arse and I don't see any justifiable reason for him to have gone out of his way to antagonize everybody in the group. I wasn't sad when he died, but I didn't cheer by any means either, because I knew he cared about Lilly and Lilly cared about him - and Lilly was one of my favourite characters.

    Ben was just a kid. A stupid kid at times, who made a lot of mistakes, but none of them were made with the intent of doing what they did. He didn't want to get anybody killed. Thus, I hauled his arse up in episode 4 because I'd rather give the kid another chance rather than throw him down a belltower just because he's 'weak.' Especially when we just saw what one can become when they do that in that very episode. I was sad to see him go in episode 5. Well, maybe I was. I was getting confused with my emotions at 'losing' Kenny and him at once. :S sympathy. I didn't stay to watch his death but I didn't disapprove of it either. A tyrannical sociopathic man who's already murdered many is one of those cases where I do believe the term 'greater good' applies.

  • Damn. It was nearly 2 years now since Starved For Help's release. And when I played through that the first time, I remember being shocked with Larry's death. Even moreso, since the decision making was still sort of new, I was shocked when I tried to save him, and then out of nowhere that Salt Lick came crashing down on his head. I was speechless, and in shock of his death. Nobody deserved to go out that way.

    As for Ben, I generally liked him. He was a screw up, but he was a kid. He lost everyone he knew in the apocalypse, and was left with nobody around. Originally, yes, I blamed him for everyone's deaths, but what's done is done, and he's still here. No point in making him suffer anymore. I saved him until episode 5, and I was glad he and Kenny sort of started to get along.

    As for Carver, I just didn't really care, honestly.

  • Larry: I'm glad he's dead.

    Ben: He was a good kid, and I felt a lot of feels when he died. Poor guy :(

    Carver: Kenny should have left him lying there on the floor to let the walkers get him instead. So he could be eaten alive and die in a more painful way. I hate that guy.

  • i'm the only one who feel bad for them?

  • I feel bad for all of them except for Carver.

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    i'm the only one who feel bad for them?

  • Larry:while an asshole,he still was a person. Didn't deserve it.

    Ben:felt sorry for him.he either wants to die or not.he didn't deserve it either

    Carver:deserved it,but should have stayed alive until episode 4 or 5

  • Larry: Felt bad for Lilly. It's hard to feel bad for Larry, but I guess he didn't deserve to die... that much.

    Ben: Poor kid...

    Carver: Fuck Carver. I hated the guy, and watched every minute of his death.

  • Larry: As much as I hate the guy,I don't think he deserve it,though I couldn't take the chance

    Ben: The poor kid just trying to help,but always fail,at least he doesn't die in the least way he want in my playthrough

    Carver: I love how he got his face smashed into pulp,he really deserve it,and I think Kenny is doing a favor of justice.

  • -Larry: Life is too short to hate people like Larry. He's a mean-spirit asshole, but that's partly because he's lost almost everyone that's important to him. That doesn't give him the right to be a prick, but I could empathize. I tried to resuscitate him and lost my shit when Kenny salt-licked him out of nowhere. In hindsight, I don't think there was any other choice, but in that moment I was in complete shock.

    -Ben: He's just a kid, it's easy to forget that. Plus he experienced as much trauma as the Motor Inn survivors and was effectively an outcast the entire time. He fucked up big time and was a liability to the group, but I still felt bad enough to pull him up. It's a shame he never got to redeem himself in Episode 5. I was sad to see him go and proud of Kenny for forgiving him and putting a quick end to his suffering.

    -Carver: He's a bully, tyrant and murderer. If anyone deserved a painful death, it would be that fucker. Still, watching Kenny turn his face to mush with a crowbar gave me nightmares. It wasn't like the meat-locker where Kenny crushed Larry's head in the heat of the moment. Kenny took his time and enjoyed every swing. It was made even worse by Clementine's reaction. Her expression of disgust slowly turns into cold indifference. It freaked me the hell out, which I consider a bit of an accomplishment.

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