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Can't get out of the save files menu!!

posted by BeerPanda on - last edited - Viewed by 223 users

I can't leave the save files menu..

I had a friend play on my account at his computer, and he made a seperate save file. I haven't played episode 3 (season 2) yet so I was gonna do that today but I notice that I have his choices on "My choices". So I try to change save files but when I come to the save files menu there are no arrows, and I can't go back to the previous menu. I can restart the game but I kinda don't want to redo my choices, and it's more than a little annoying to be forced on a single save file.

Any ideas? =/

EDIT: I can't even replay past choices since I have to choose a save file. I have tried reinstalling the game but the problem persists...

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    If you didn't back anything up then I'd say it's lost, but I heard there's some way to recycle a deleted save, ask the steam hub or Telltale's support email.

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