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Dangeresque 3 Invalid Scan Frequency

posted by Mr. Croup on - last edited - Viewed by 255 users

I downloaded the demo of Episode 4: Dangeresque 3, installed it, and had the launcher launch the game. It switched into full screen, and my monitor complained of an invalid scan frequency, displaying the goings ons in the same way a scrambled cable channel use to be displayed. What the smeg?

I have windows Vista 64-bit, and an 8800GTS video card, if that helps at'all. Any clues?
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  • The game defaults to 600x480 fullscreen which Vista has a baby fit and doesn't like giving you that scrambled cable view. I can send you a prefs.prop file with a larger more Vista acceptable resolution and then you can tweek to what you would like.
  • I seem to be having a similar problem. I only just bought the full season this past week.
  • Try hitting Alt-Enter when your monitor is giving you that error. It should pop you into windowed mode which should let you adjust the settings.
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