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I've noticed that the Walking Dead forums are getting filled with fan fiction threads and/or people complaining about fan fiction threads taking focus away from actual Walking Dead story discussion.

Because of this, I have moved the most recent fan fiction threads to Telltale Talk's "Forum Games" section and am also asking that all future fan faction threads and forum contest threads be kept there. I have already a stickied thread notifying people that fan fiction threads can be found over at the forum game section.

In addition, I am creating this thread so people can advertise their new and/or updated fan fiction threads.

I am going to leave this thread open and allow users to link to fan fiction threads in the forum games section from here. I had initially used the stickied thread to do so, but I am trying again with this new, non-sticky thread.

Please stay on topic, and keep off topic chat to a bare minimum so responses don't overshadow the other posts below yours. This thread is to be used to link to fan fiction threads you create over at Telltale Talk's Forum Games section.

Update: August 8th, 2015 - Please advertise Walking Dead fan fictions only

Most Off topic comments will be deleted.

Threads moved to Forum Games:



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