What would Katjaa Think?

Do you think she'd be heartbroken or happy for Kenny after he fell in love with Sarita? I mean, they were a couple and had a kid and everything together. I'm wondering if Kenny even told Sarita about Katjaa...or if he's keeping it a secret or something. I think Katjaa would be a little happy for him because he managed to move on and put the past behind him, far enough to find another woman he cared about. But she could also be a little sad if she thinks that somehow he cares about Sarita more than Katjaa, which we don't know yet. What do you think?


  • Well, I don't think Kenny would have ever left Katjaa for Sarita. In a scenario where Katjaa had been separated from him for a long time and then found him years later with Sarita then I don't think she would be mad about it. I'm sure she would be somewhat heartbroken, but Kat should know Kenny well enough to figure that he would get lonely if he lost her and would move on when he thought he'd never see her again. However, I can pretty much guarantee Katjaa would be very unhappy with what Kenny has become. She was always trying to stop him from doing rash things, like when Lee tells him to grab his gun at the dinner table in episode 2, she tries to stop him as he's getting up out of his seat. She was also very shaken up when she found out that Kenny killed Larry in the meatlocker. If she knew about what he caused at the lodge after Carver showed up, and what he did to Carver himself, I don't know that Kat would be able to look past it.

  • i'm pretty sure sarita knows about katjaa since he was talking to her about duck in season 2 episode 3

  • Katjaa forfeited any right to care about who Kenny shacks up with the moment she shot herself and left Kenny all alone to deal with their son.

  • Do I think she would be happy about him somewhat moving on? Yes, I think she would. If he's feels more happier than after the whole incident, yes I do.

    But, do I think she would be happy about what he's become? No, I don't think she would. She didn't even agree with murder or guns what-so-ever. I don't think she'd be too happy about him shooting someone's knees and beating that person with a crowbar, until their face looked like a watermelon. I mean maybe she'd be understanding..? Considering how bad of a person he was.

  • Katjaa would understand Kenny getting together with Sarita. She'd be happy for him, really.

    What @kawaiiclem said, she would be more upset/afraid of his violent tendencies. She was horrified of Lee's telling of the meat locker incident (determinant) and she would be even more terrified of Kenny's brutal murdering of Carver. She'd be the one to try and convince Kenny to tie him up or something like that... probably.

  • No, remember how Sarita says that Kenny "doesn't talk about before." I guess she was asleep when Kenny told Clementine about Duck.

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    i'm pretty sure sarita knows about katjaa since he was talking to her about duck in season 2 episode 3

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    Katjaa would've wanted him to move on. Like Lee said, it's all water under the bridge, all we can do is move forward and take care of ourselves.

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