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Out of Season 1 and Season 2, what do you think was the best episode so far? Also, do you think the last two episodes of this season are going to be good?


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    From season one:

    • Episode two (Starved For Help) and episode 5.

    From season two:

    • I actually really liked episodes one and two. So.. both.
  • Season 1 Episode 5 is my all-time favorite, reasons self-explanatory. Season 1 Episode 2 is a close second. I'm waiting for Season 2 to wrap up to decide my Season 2 favorite.

  • S1E5 forever and ever. And so far, I've really liked season 2 so we'll have to wait and see the rest for me to decide a favorite :)

  • around every corner master race

  • I liked S1E2 "Starved for the Help" and I didn't mind S1E4. The best episode in season 2 however is Episode 2 hands down

  • Out of Season 1 and Season 2, what do you think was the best episode so far?

    The second ones from both seasons have been their best, IMO.

    Also, do you think the last two episodes of this season are going to be good?

    ... I have promised myself not to expect anything from Act 3, so that it can pleasantly surprise me.

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    My favorite is Episode 1 of Season 1. We get introduced to Lee, Clem, Kenny, and the rest, and get see how positive everyone is before the game takes it's toll on everyone. I'm still also discovering little things in the episode that I've never noticed before when I replay it. For example, if you call up to Clem's treehouse before you go into the house, Clem will mention about it in Episode 3 after you give her the haircut on the train. She'll talk about how she was going to drop a hammer on you and is just a funny, little moment. There's something about humble beginnings that just makes this episode great.

    As for the second question, I believe that the last episodes of Season 2 will be great as usual. Episode 5, in particular, will probably be emotionally wrenching just like Episode 5 of Season 1.

  • Am I the only one who liked S1 E3
    (I also liked S1 E5) But this is just for season 1...

  • Of course not! A lot of people name Long Road Ahead as their favorite.

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    Long Road Ahead.

    The tone of the episode ranged quickly from somber to depressing to hopeful, and had great writing. I loved that many characters' story arcs ended and a few started in great ways. The puzzle-solving with the chalk in the beginning and the train sequence had me loving the moments of 'adventure' gameplay. Liked almost everything about the episode.

    Man, what I would give to play it for the first time again...

  • From Season 1, Around Every Corner. It was the first episode I truly got to get excited for. The first three came out before I bought the game. And it focused on my favorite character, Ben. The Bell Tower scene is one of my favorite moments in Video Games ever. It even rivals scenes from Skyward Sword (But SS still wins.) I'm a Zelda fanboy.

    In Season 2, it's gotta be A House Divided so far. But I think most people would say that.

    An if we're including TWAU just for kicks, Episode 4 again. I know it wasn't received well by everyone, but I really liked Wolf in Sheep's Clothing.

  • I liked the 3rd episodes of both seasons the most so far.

  • From Season 1, first time playing, Long Road Ahead. So much character development. Unfortunately, my computer has a lot of glitches with it. For example, after you kill the walker with the car door for the Animal Crackers (I don't think any of you know how much I loved writing that), the cursor gets stuck in the corner of the screen and I have to restart the scene to fix it. For replaying Season 1, No Time Left. FEELS.

    From Season 2, I'm in the serious minority here, but All That Remains is my favorite for first time. Unlike many others around here, I loved the way it introduced the characters. For replaying Season 2, A House Divided. I feel like this episode really helped define Clementine and her loyalties. It's all about who you trust, and it pulled that off well.

  • Season 1: No Time Left

    Season 2: A House Divided

  • IMO, A House Divided.

  • No time left.

  • Long road ahead!

  • S2E3 in harm's way

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