Just saying never become hyped up about a trailer because some things may not even show up

We should already know that trailers can be misleading. Some of the segments shown in TWD and TWAU trailers never showed up. This is probably due to people hacking into the files and leaking the story causing them to rewrite the story. The hype is real before these episodes come out. Trailers are only meant to tease you. You should also never become hyped up before your favorite movies or shows come out.

In the Walking Dead tv series season 4 trailer it showed Michonne looking at a map to Macon and riding a horse. This never happens in the whole season.

So basically I'm saying never get over hyped because sometimes things will never happen at all. Rebecca was also supposed to have her baby in 203 but never happened either.


  • That does happen (TV series). Michonne rides in on a horse and then checks the map for where to search for the gov next. Then rides out on a horse, thats before one of the cell blocks goes nuts because people got sick.

    I do agree about overestimating the trailers of the game as people tend to form the episode in their own heads and then get dissapointed when it dosnt play out the exact way they wanted. That said its not necessarily down to hackers as often the story is still not finalised when they release the ep.

  • actually in the show I'm pretty sure the map scene actually happened but she just never went to macon as for the game the teasers at the end of the episodes are what people should not get hyped about cause they usually don't happen the trailers released later are full of things that actually happen cause the trailer is made using the actual complete episode unlike the teasers

  • Oh lol I gotta watch season 4 again. But yea I hope 204 is epic like 202 :). If not I'll still be thankful for it and continue the series...

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