If you were to create a backstory for *****...

What would you imagine Chuck's backstory would be?

He seemed like an ambiguous figure. Most of us like him for saving Clementine, but what do you assume he went through before meeting Lee's group?


  • I like him for that one line, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls...It tolls for thee." R.I.P Chuck :(

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    Chuck's Story - Home

    By HarjKS

    Charles "Chuck" Davidson was an intelligent, nice ordinary kid once in his life. He was curious, all the time. Instead of playing with toy cars like other children he'd spend ages just simply taking toys apart and not really being able to put them back together again. He spent most of his childhood just ordinary, he was good at school, he had a nice array of friends and everything seemed fine. However Chuck lacked one thing in his life, and that was a father figure. Chucks father was a firefighter meeting his mother after saving her life from a fire at her workplace. They got married and when they moved in together, Charles father (James Davidson) and his mother (Veronica Davidson) had made enough just to get by, however times were tough when Veronica was pregnant and soon unable to work. It was up to James to work extra shifts, later nights, and just try to get enough pay to get them by until Veronica was back on her feet.

    Veronica didn't like the idea of James going out and working so hard, and felt guilty he had to do so because of her condition. However he insisted. When the time came and she was rushed to hospital by their 'friendly neighbour' (George Parker) she called James to break the news. James promised he'd get there, and she soon gave birth to the baby, both happy and despondent as she felt the love of a new life but also dissapointed that her love couldn't be there. So she waited...and she waited...and she waited.

    Until she learned that James died in an inferno, but managed to save the life of a man, a man named Charles. So Veronica had a name for the baby, however without her husband she was mentally unstable. Longing for a companion during his early childhood, Chuck was soon introduced to a new father figure, George Parker.

    George may have seemed nice at first however soon he became vindictive, abusive. He threteaned and hurt both Chuck and his mother and both lived in fear. Things soon got worse at school as Chuck went into high school it was clear his grades were dropping and he had no friends in high school. One of his first days of school a bully came up to him, and asked him for his name. He was scared, intimitated and muttered out "Chuck". He regretted that as that soon became his nickname, he went through pain at school and at home and reality itself seem distorted. The only person that seemed to care about him was his 'Gardening' teacher Ms. Cook, who taught him everything from greenhouses, to composting, she always said he would be a great farmer as he was "good with the shovel". However things didn't live up well, as Chucks grade didn't improve no matter how hard he tried, and Chuck eventually failed high-school and became a dropout.

    Sooner or later his mother announced she was pregnant, and that it was a girl. She didn't seem happy, but Chuck was. He had always longed for a younger sister or someone to care for. A few months later, after Chucks 19th birthday his mother comitted suicide, taking the babys life with her. The baby's name was going to be, Savannah.

    In the will, Chucks mother left nothing for him only her shortly summed wealth to George. Sooner or later George saw Chuck as nothing more but a drain on his resourcesin the house, and wasting his booze as Chuck soon became and alcoholic. George kicked Chuck out. For years Chuck put the past behind him, he was homeless always catching himself staring at parents walking to school with their sons, or their daughters, what hit him the most were sons walking with their fathers.

    He eventually found a friend when he summed up enough money to pay for a train ticket, it was another homeless man just like him. Said his name was Daniel. Daniel taught him how to survive on the streets, they would simply beg to get enough money for food, water and occasionally just going onto the trains and talking to each other. Daniel was so interesting to Chuck, he was intelligent, he knew moral and ethical codes and most of all he cared about him. Someone finally understood him. They would spend hours talking about literature, history, society, politics, anything and wanted to save up enough money to get to Savannah. Daniels favourite poem was Meditation 17 by John Donne, his favourite line being - "Ask not for whm the bell tolls...It tolls for thee." Sooner or later it became Chucks favourite poem as well.

    One night, Chuck was freezing during one of the harshest winters and Daniel offered his jacket, Chuck refused but Daniel insisted and they both fell asleep both happy for each other. However the world is harsh one winter morning, Chuck tried waking up Daniel during one freezing winter and Chuck waited...and he waited...and he waited.

    Daniel died of neumonia. Chuck then decided to leave his hometown behind for good, his whole past and start a new life and that's when he called himself...Chuck. Chuck tried to be somewhat optimistic, he knew Daniel was strong and intelligent, yet shocked when he died. He knew then it wasn't about strength or intelligence to survive, it was much more than that and after using a shovel to defend himself and finding basic supplies, he held up for a couple of months in a train, and kept the route map to Savannah. He didn't need it, he had memorized months ago with the help of Daniel yet he wanted it, as it reminded him of the one thing he wanted in his life.


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