• The Turning Dead is back? WOOO!!!

  • I think that's pretty accurate...

  • I honestly think this theory breakdown was pretty much spot on! I agree with almost everything he said, except the point that Jane is talking about Rebecca in the scene were she said " she is gonna get someone killed ". I think she is talking about the baby. We can see Clem looking to the ground and we can see her having a smile on her face. This might be a hint, that she was looking at Rebecca's baby.

    Side note: I would love to see another " food scene " in the next episode. Similar to the scene in Season1 Episode2, where we had to decide which group members we are giving the food. Just with medical supplies this time, instead of food.

  • just realized now that when they are defending from walkers, jane isn't there... strange.

    more strange is that kenny just ask's for luke.. does this mean jane's dead?!

  • Oh my goodness, Jane isn't there.

    Also background information, though I don't care about this much. The reason 'TheTurningDead' was gone was because his relationship with his girlfriend of a few years ended and he didn't feel in the mood to make videos that much anymore.

    Now that's out of the way, yeah, Jane isn't there when they're getting attacked! What?! O_O Also the supply theory is pretty good I would probably give my supplies to Sarita to be fair.

    • she isn't and kenny doesn't ask's for her, he just ask's for luke, this could mean 3 things:

      1. she's dead
      2. she decided to leave the group or something like that, that the group knows she is not coming but she is either not dead
      3. she is there, but she isn't next to them
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