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Clem and Molly are unbelievably strong.

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Clem is only 11 yrs old and she can hack walkers. Human body is thick, it's hard to stab the mere skin of a grown man. (though rotten flesh makes it a lot easier) and skull know, that's bone, it's not easy to hack.

and Molly, she pulled Lee up with one hand, twice. Lee weighs like...around 170lbs at least? He is tall, has some muscle.

What are these girls? mutants for new era?

  • Also Clem chopped Sarita's arm in two tries with a tiny axe, while Lee did it in 4 tries, well it was a leg but still he is stronger.

  • In the Walking Dead it's presumed that since they're zombies the skin has been rotting as well as things such as the skull making them incredibly weak and easy to pierce through. With Molly, she seems quite athletic I'm sure it's possible she could be strong enough to pull Lee up.

  • Molly

    She is Gary Whitta's super awesome, badass independent womyn character. A Mary-Sue if you wanna keep it brief. She's cooler than everyone else, more capable in battle, able to parkour her way anywhere, has a super-awesome signature weapon, she beats everyone down verbally and sometimes physically with not trouble at all and helps the group out at a crucial point. It's like Episode 4 was just a way for Whitta to masturbate his fanfic ideas into reality.


    Gameplay and story segregation. The game would be needlessly difficult if we didn't have Clem be stronger than she is.

    • Not necessarily depending on how you look at Molly. A Mary-Sue is seen as a female with no flaws yet Molly does have some.

      She's all about her own survival - she had absolutely no problem in episode four leaving Lee, Kenny, and Clementine behind with a horde of walkers. The only reason she helped them was because she didn't want to leave a little girl to fend for herself in a dangerous situation. Still, even though the ZA is all about looking out for yourself first and foremost, the fact that she would practically kill those two men is selfish. Being selfish is a flaw.

      She also lost control when she encountered that doctor she was sleeping with in order to get medication for her sister again. That's a moment of weakness and vulnerability.

      • That would be a good argument, except her flaws don't really hinder her. The setup is such that even if the group told her to fuck off she'd lose nothing for being a selfish arse buttock.

        Characters with flaws are people like Lily, Kenny, Ben, Omid, Christa.

        Lily - good leader, too pig-headed and with easily racked nerves which ultimately leads to her expulsion.

        Kenny - energetic worker and go getter (a mover and shaker), also pig-headed and too concentrated on himself. Selfish, also impulsive. This ultimately leads to strain within the group and his own mental breakdown.

        Ben - nice kid, wants to be liked, doesn't pay attention to his surroundings and is a coward. We all know what happens to him.

        Omid - nice guy, funny, but too trusting and not careful enough.

        Christa - motherly attitude towards the group she's with, but too paranoid about dangers around her.

        There's also a connecting sub-theme of the first season. Namely, that humans need to work together and overcome their flaws to survive. That nobody lives in a vacuum and needs help from others in order to continue emotionally, physically or mentally.

        Molly is the direct opposite of that. It has been shown time and again that she can traverse anywhere without anyone's help, can easily survive on her own for days/weeks/months on end and any danger of other humans not liking her is null and void, thus making her a boring, overly-perfect character within the setting.

        The flaws you mentioned are surface flaws that don't really have any repercussions for her in any way. It's like saying a character's flaw is that they're ''clumsy''.

        Now you might say Chuck is overly-perfect. He's kind, he's generous, he's easily liked by everyone etc etc etc. And at first glance you might be right. But upon closer inspection you see that he's not some super awesome character because overtly awesome abilities, but because he's still kept his humanity despite obvious years of emotional turmoil. The man is an alcoholic and has lived as a homeless bum for decades, he hadn't had contact with his family in as much time. He's kind and charitable and thinks of others before himself when he can, and THAT is his ultimate flaw as it leads to his death. He decided to take on a pack of Walkers to save Clem, but he's old, he's not in good shape, and he needs to take on a pack. It's obvious from his fighting abilities he's not an Assassin with Eagle Vision, but an old dude whose future doesn't spell anything good. That's how you pull off an awesome character.

        Not by giving your character the parkour abilities of Cole McGrath and the battle skills of Grammaton Cleric from Equilibrium in a setting that does not support such characteristics.

    • In regards to Clem, I was actually looking forward to playing her precisely because I was hoping to see how they got around a protagonist with the strength and combat abilities of an 11 year old girl. I was expecting a whole lot of evading and using our heads to get out of danger rather than guns and machetes and so forth, a much more stealth oriented game than what we had with Lee.

      The answer instead seems to be, in too many cases, 'pretend she isn't a little girl and have her do a lot of stuff exactly the same way Lee would have.' A pity.

      • A pity indeed. The problem is that they want Clementine to be awesome and badass, but very few children are that strong. Varya Akulova and that other Ukrainian girl could benchpress 70-120 kilos when they were 10-12 years old, but with Clem that's not the case as this immense strength of her has never been discussed or seen in other areas.

        Really, it's a time-saver since they make these games by the seat of their pants and in an episodic format.

  • Clementine IS badass.
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  • Adrenaline can do miracles. And after 2 years of rotting and decaying, I'm surprised no one has stuck their fist through a walker head yet.

  • Clementine is a lot tougher then me thats for sure... :/

  • Don't try to find logic

    pssst, it's convenient to the plot!

  • Don't forget about how she jumped high enough to climb up that broken ledge in the beginning of Episode 1.

  • With regards to the walker's softness, I'd like to share my experience as a med school student. I had anatomy two years ago and skulls were among the bones I had to handle. I must say, I don't know if it was the rotting or something else, but they were far more feeble than you'd expect. So, I don't pretend to be an expert or to present this as irrefutable evidence, but it may not be as crazy as you think that walkers are so easy to kill.

    However, I did notice how weird it was for Molly to pull Lee with one arm (after grabbing him by the hand in the air). She might be one of those little yet strong people but I suspect Hilda is like a beard for chicks.

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