If you could create a character for the game...

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how would he/she be?


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    Like Kratos from God of War, then the zombies would all get owned

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    Samantha Jones, an average girl with brown hair reaching to her shoulders that matched her eyes, and normally wearing a cap and a simple white jumper with darkened cargo trousers, she survived the first few days with an older sister then went into a group. Her older sister was bitten, and put down and she was taken care by the group until the group all split up and never met back up. With abandonment issues, and an unstable mindset Samantha wondered into the world alone only armed with a pistol. She soon managed to make a safe place for her to stay, until it was raided by bandits.

    She was almost killed but managed to escape and this time find a larger group in the making, Wellington. When she meets Clementine she seems worried about where she's been (noticing dirt, blood, on Clementine etc.) and bonds with her on how dangerous the world is and missing someone who looked after and protected them. She manages to be good with a rifle, however tends to be absent-minded and will 'zone out' normally during dangerou situations to preserve whatever sane aspects of her mind are left.

    With her mind growing weary with every zombie attack she becomes a person that she hates, and eventually becomes suicidal asking Clementine to help end her through assisted suicide. She only asks her as she's the only one she trusts enough and whatever Clementine's choice is she kills herself never wanting to live in such a world.

    Samanthas interests were mainly fashion, she liked creating different clothes for people in Wellington and overall just tried to be a nice person to everyone. She even optionally can stitch out the material that has Lee's blood on Clementines hat if Clementine so desires to. She's somewhat interested in cooking and garderning but it's implied she was never good at it. Her dislikes range from hostile angry people (she takes a slight disliking to Kenny) and bad weather.

  • Lenny

    Character: A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Lenny acts as the de-facto leader of the group, and is a sharp, hard-working person who likes to take action and make things happen, though his short temper and failure to think things through often get the better of him.

    Gender: Male

    Hair: Black/Grey for beard

    Age: Late 30's to mid 40's

    Occupation: Commercial hunter

    Family: Lenny Jr. aka " Luck " - Son ... Katharina - Wife

    Status: Godlike

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  • Mario "Jumpman" Mario!

    He would litteraly just use his big jumps and stomp the Walkers like he stomped the Goombas.

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    A marine stationed in North Carolina before the ZA started. Lost everything including his family back in Texas. He's a good shot with his trusty M14 rifle and 1911 pistol but he usually fights with his combat knife.
    He meets Clementine when she gets separated from the group and gets shot by a bandit and before the bandit can finish her off Tyler comes in and saves her by brutally killing the bandit. He heals Clem's gunshot wound thanks to his combat medical training. He teaches Clem how to properly shoot a rifle and how to fight.
    He wears a ski mask with a skull painted on it to scare bandits and has only showed his face to Clementine to show that he trust her. He even offers to make a mask for Clem(a decision up to the player)

  • Terry-

    Early to mid 20s'

    Short red/brown hair.

    Jacket like The Stranger's.

    Dark brown pants.

    Primary weapon- Beretta 92FS Inox

    Secondary weapon- Hatchet or Bowie knife.

    Family- Two brothers, and a cousin.

    Killed victims- His daughter, wife, and his sister. (Zombified, before reanimation.)

  • A wild cat named Bob that followed Clem, only she is the only one that can see him and he talks to her about what to do / how to do it
    he offers very wise advice but people thinks she is crazy because only she can see him

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