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Kenny and Clem overshadowing the whole f*cking group

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I don't like the fact that Kenny and Clem are season 2 group. Don't get me wrong on this sht, I love Clem and Kenny very much, I think they are awesome. Its just that, they are way too awesome, in fact, its they making Season 2 group look like Dcksuckers.

Lets see all these C*cklovers:

Carlos - One of the best doctors of all time. His an expert on dog bites and dealing with turbiones(I could swear you wouldn't tell the difference between an engineer).

Sarah - OMG, this girl has so much depth. I know alot about her mother and her favourite colour. Where she lived before the apocaplse. She is even more useful then Season 1 clem. God, I love her so damn much. She is an Angel

Luke - Yep, we know alot about him too. We know that his father gave him that sharp machete thingy, I forgot Luke's fathers name, God bless the old mans soul, I hope he will maybe find another machete, somewhere in heaven. Depth of Luke is Majestic.
Oh don't get me started with rest of these c+cksucking season 2 crew.

Now, Seriously speaking, I trying to point out that giving Clem and Kenny everything to do and making them overshadow everyone is hurting character development. If Clem and Kenny died I don't think fans would be that much invested in the story. TELLTALE! More characters need great moments. Ok, I'm finished!

  • Either Clem/Kenny need to get less credit for things or the rest of the group needs to get more credit for stuff and thangs.

  • another one of these???

  • I think its funny that the game sometimes expects me to side with people who AREN'T Kenny. "Help Kenny" or "Restrain Sarita". Really? That was a tough moral dilemma, TTG. Thanks a lot!

    • I get what you're saying, but that's a bad example. Both are theoretically trying to help Kenny (at least I thought). Either try and help him, or restrain Sarita thinking her getting involved is only to make things worse.

  • Well...i gues it has something to do with the obvious reason that Clem and Kenny are the main characters of this game. (Besides Lee of course, but he died already as we all know)

  • They're the protagonists, so it understandable to a certain extent. However, you're right that they could show more of the other characters. I like them all but sometimes I just get the feeling they're only there to die...

  • Agreed, Bonnie is one of my favorites because we know her past. I like Sarita too but just because she's friendly, we don't know much else about her.

  • In Season 1, everything was just starting, everything was over a longer period of time, there was time to get to know the other characters and about them and stuff. This season, we're right in the middle of this shit. And since the start of the season it's been very action heavy. Who knows, Clem probably knows all about everyones personal lives during the long walks between episodes.

    • Well, we met Omid, one of the best characters in series, three months in. Time doesn't turn human beings into one dimention zombie-food. Oh and whats the point of having action, when there is not much at stake reminds me of those micheal bay movies.

    • well they should let us experience those long walks and let us talk for fuck's sake. and don't pull the "we're right in the middle of this shit" because we aren't anymore for ep 1 it was acceptable cause there was no time to chat, but in episode 2 we get the ski lodge where we barely talk to anyone, and that shitty hub in the pen in episode 3. telltale needs to slow down and let us talk for a change.

    • Clem may know everything about these characters during the long walks, but since I, as the player, don't, her knowing or not means nothing.

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    dojo32161 Moderator

    I like Nick, we know a bit about him.

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