"This choice is blank!" TWD S2E3


I'm running the game on a Kindle Fire HD. I downloaded all of the current episodes a couple of days ago. There were no errors during the download that I could tell, but who knows. My problem is that more than half of this episode contains no dialog, just the characters making meaningful glances and hand gestures at each other. When I'm given choices for dialog or actions the options all say, "This choice is blank!" The 4th choice is an ellipsis as usual. Also, tapping on the circles to examine things are left blank in their descriptions. Is this a weird choice on the part of the developers or did my DL of this episode crap out on me?



  • Update:
    Now the entire game is acting up. The menu screens are freezing and/or superimposed upon each other. This happened when I tried to rewind and play episode 3 from the beginning. I restarted my Kindle but this did not help. It is also trying to reload my choices from season 1 again. I'm worried that I'll lose all my progress but I'll accept that if it means the game will work again.

  • Judging from the number of people posting and the variety of devices, I think it's a general problem with S2E3. I have a kindle fire as well. I had a similar problem with S2E1 that got fixed when I got home to my wi-fi and redownload season 1. I noticed my season 1 not responding again now and I have been having problems with S2E3 now - it was freezing while loading, frames stopping, and trying to press a response and it not reacting. One time it actually CRASHED during the game! I completely shut down my kindle and then restarted. upon restart my kindle started downloading "updates", although Im assuming for itself . Once that was done, I started TWD S2 again. This time it ran a lot better and i got through it, but was still a little glitchy at times. I think they have been building off of season one code, except the season 1 code probably is not always compatible with what they are doing and they were in a hurry to get it out. I just wish they would tell us or delay the releases if they were having problems.

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