• The crooked man because I played the previous episodes.

  • Vivian. I didn't trust her the minute I first spoke to her. She has access to the books about the girls and the open arms. She could have EASILY killed Lily. Not to mention the huff n' puff that was found in the room; she seems to be the only one smoking them besides Bigby. She was quick to point the finger at Crane AND was there with the CM. I think she has a bigger part then we think. Think she is fooling EVERYONE and is actually glamoured. As what, I don't know but can't wait to play ep. 5 and find out. :)

    • Also, remember the scene where Nerissa says she has no more friends? Why isn't Vivian her friend if she was friends with the victims? She could have tried to give Bigby a hint that he didn't catch up on (Because TT has GREATLY decreased his investigation skills...) That he should look into Vivian more. I also think that Vivian might have been hired by the Crooked Man to kill the girls. For whatever reason, I don't know. They were probably trying to break free from being Prostitutes so they could actually be people in society for once.

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      Did you notice, when you go to the Butcher first, the list on the chalkboard? Georgie's name is up there; I did not see Vivian, unless I missed her completely. Think she MIGHT be glamoured; beside his name, there were various letters indicating spells and potions? Plus, she said 'My lips are sealed' not 'These lips are sealed' like all the other girls, which makes me wonder if her ribbon is fake.

      • I did go back and look Jones J. She is there; the very last name. Beside her name, like Georgie, there are letters, which leads me to believe she is glamoured; Georgie has his own spell because of the ribbons.

  • Georgie is up there because he must have been the one along with jersey that disposed the body since we hear him say "Stop laughing at me" the same thing toad heard... But they still seem like pawns in all this.. Maybe Vivian.. Could be someone we haven't even met yet.. possibly the boy who cried wolf wanting revenge on bigby.

  • Most of them are probably complicit, which would be lovely, because then we can punish them accordingly, and Georgie and Jersey were obviously responsible for the disposal of Lily's body, but I've no idea who did the actual killing. Vivian is ideally placed and she does act suspiciously. We don't have any real evidence pointing at any particular one of them, though.

    It looks like the focus of the game has changed from the murder mystery to the conflict between the Crooked Man and Fabletown proper, and if the murders were just supposed to draw Bigby's attention and destabilize Fabletown by framing Crane then who the actual culprit is is of less and less consequence. I just hope the final episode manages to cover everything, including all the dangling questions from the first few episodes (What Faith supposedly stole and the Tweedles were looking for at her and the Woodsman's places).

  • I don't have any suspect now.

  • I will probably get a lot of downvotes for this, but just hear me out :) Ever since Episode 2 came out, my prime suspect is... Grendel.

    But let's start from the beginning. Even with Georgie's 'stop laughing at me' in Episode 4 I crossed out the entire Crooked Man crew from the suspect list, and here's why - the crime scene in Pudding'n'Pie was a set-up to frame Crane - but, as we found out, he was a part of CM's crew all along, so why would they frame him if he knew all of their secrets? Why attracting attention to them when they are trying to keep their existence hidden from Fabletown officials? Besides, people quickly jumped to the conclusion that if Georgie and Jersey (an probably Vivian because of the Huff and Puffs in the room) disposed of Lily's body, then one of them must also be the killer - but that's not the same. It's just like with Crane - we know that they were in the room, but we don't know whether they did it. I assume that when they found out that Faith was murdered and they discovered another girl killed in one of their fronts, they tried to dispose of Lily's body to avoid attracting attention to the Open Arms. As pointed out by Georgie in ep 2, he can't wait for Bigby to give a damn, 'especially when it concerns his livelihood'. Jersey's speech that 'if these girls are dead it's because the CM wanted them to die' is not a definite answer, because he also assumes his guilt (for all we know, he's just a henchman - he says that Mary uses his place like a dump, and it's is most likely that he was just told to dispose of the body without any details about why the girl is dead).

    But why I think that it was Grendel? In Episode 1 we are told in all of his scenes that he was frustrated with Fabletown's government and their unwillingness to search for Lily who was reported missing. Many players dissmised him as a suspect because of the fight that occured at the end of the episode - because we figured that Telltale wouldn't show us the killer so blatantly. Faith's head was dropped at the Woodlands and Gren was waiting in line in the next scene (I know that Tiny Tim was also there, but he does not seem like a killer type). We don't know what Grendel did before the fight in the Trip Trap, for all we know Holly is willing to give an alibi to anyone to protect them from Bigby (as it happened with the Woodsman).

    But why would he want to kill Lily if he was looking for her so badly? That's the case - he didn't want to do it, he didn't know that Lily was glamoured as Snow White. He probably assumed it was some other prostitute. Both he and Holly knew that Lily was working at Pudding'n'Pie when she was missing, so Grendel might have wanted to point Bigby's attention to this place. It was a shock for him to find out and it explains his reaction to the news that Lily is dead ('Of course princess Snow fucking White is all safe and sound!'). He was trying to help, but the only way (to his thinking) to force Fabletown into investigating was to drop a head on their doorstep. Grendel must have also known about Crane's involvement with the Crooked Man to frame him (and besides, if we say during the funeral that Crane's a prick, he says that he and Bigby can actually agree on something). Moreover, we can witness one of Grendel's manipulations - the Woodsman says that he came to the Pawn Shop because it was GREN who told him that his axe is here.

    This allows Telltale to make one final plot twist that matches all the events presented in the game, while showing that the killer was always within our reach, but we simply dismissed him as some guy with anger issues. Also, he was made a sympathetic person in Episode 3, so we would be shocked and surprised at the revelation (and if anyone still holds to the Huff and Puff theory about the killer, I want to point out that there is a cigarette machine with Huff and Puffs in the Trip Trap). That might have been Gren's motivation - to force Bigby into taking down Crooked Man's operations.

    PS. As for the Boy Who Cried Wolf - I assume that Telltale (if they decide to explain his presence) will play it out like this: him being in multiple locations at once will be explained in the same manner as multiple Red Riding Hoods in the comics; the Crooked Man was simply using them to monitor Bigby's actions etc. to warn him in case of the Sheriff investigating one of his venues.

    PS2. Nerissa probably doesn't know the killer, but she tries to help Bigby by directing his attention to CM, as she sees this as an opportunity to be set free (if Bigby succeeds).

    • It's actually possible.

    • Interesting theory... Idk what Grendel gains from doing so unless he thinks exposing CM would make low end fables more sympathetic to the business office. So he just killed Faith for the hell of it?

    • And hasn't Grendel's right arm already been injured at the moment of the fight with Bigby? We've seen the blood on the fence near the office. Also Grendel wears a pair of blue jeans.

      P.S. Excuse me if my English is bad, i'm not native speaker.

      EDIT: oh, forget it. I'm really dumb. The arm was torn off by Beowulf.

  • 100% Bigby XD!!!!!!

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    It's Ben, Ben Paul. I frickin' called it, m'kay.

  • I like the theory that the Crooked Man gets a signal from the ribbon whenever its removed and sends Bloody Mary to chop off the head.

  • I think it's Vivian.I don't trust her one bit

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