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Metal Gear Kenny: The Phantom Boat

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Kenny has become Big Boss. He will now get his own official spin-off game made. It is called...

Metal Gear Kenny: The Phantom Boat

The description reads: Our friend turned hero Kenneth of The Walking Dead stars in his own spin off game titled Metal Gear Kenny: The Phantom Boat. The hero, recently losing his eye and earning the title of Big Ken, has found himself on a journey that he knows will not end well. Kenneth starts to find himself following a dark path, becoming consumed in revenge. Crowbar in hand and armed to the teeth with salt licks, Big Ken will travel the east coast of America with one goal: survive. A new gameplay element is implemented into this product not seen in any other. Flashbacks. Kenneth will experience various flashbacks of his tragic life from both his younger days and those spent with fallen legend Lee Everett. Only one thing pains Kenny the most, through, in his never-ending flashbacks-- BOAT.

A picture form the release, showing Metal Gear Kenny's photo-relative graphics, compared to The Walking Dead: Season 2's stylized comic visuals.

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