• At the moment, I have no strong feelings one way or the other.

    Definitely don't trust her though.

  • i don't dislike her, but i really couldn't care less about her :P

  • I don't like Jane, I don't get a good vibe from her, and I can tell she's not fond of anyone who isn't emotionless or who isn't strong enough. Sarah for example is sweet, needs to be taken care of, and would die in two seconds on her own. So to Jane, Sarah's nothing but a liability and Jane would probably love to get rid of her completely. And being one of the head soldiers in Sarah's defense army, that puts Jane directly onto my shit list.

  • From what i've seen, she seems like a cool character. But i have to admit, she does have a ''Molly'' feeling in her.

  • I like her. I don't trust her 100% but I like her.

  • I'm betting that people will end up being pretty split on her character, depending on how pragmatic and survivalist they themselves are. But on the other twd forum that I frequent, she actually got weeded out pretty quickly in the character elimination game that we're playing.

  • Lee: How do you feel about Chuck?

    Clem: I don't know.

    Lee: Me neither. He might be a good guy.

    Clem: You think?

    Lee: Let's try and keep an open mind about him.

    Remember that conversation? I think there might be some good to Jane besides crippling guys physically and mentally for whatever remains of their short lives. She might be a team player in the future episodes. Those trailers aren't set in stone.

    • God, that conversation always makes me remember how little Clem seemed to trust Chuck even though he does so much for her. :(

      • If she didn't seem to trust him, then that's pretty healthy. Especially after your guardian asks you if something a stranger just gave you had a strange taste. Even more when that same stranger makes it sound like you'll die the same way a friend did.

        • No I do understand her reasons. She didn't hear Chuck explaining himself. I just think it's too bad that she never really got the chance to warm up to him before his demise. Even after he saved her from certain death, she never so much as mentioned him again.

          • Oh, yeah, yeah...

            Who knows? Maybe the group'll come across someone who had the same type of wisdom that Chuck had.

            • Pete was almost on the same level of wisdom as Chuck, what with his speech about 'playing a role', same with Walter about relationships with other people. Pete and Walter combined probably have about the same amount of wisdom as chuck did.

  • Impressive. I did not think I would find a likeminded individual for this issue on these forums.

    Personally, at the moment, I have deemed it too early to judge Jane, as her involvement has mainly mimicked that of Chuck, which means that she just tags along and stays out of the way for the time being, and thus I have little else to dislike but her seeming lack of a balancing weakness.

    But indeed, she has shown dark potential of becoming like Molly, who was written so ridiculously Mary Sue-y that she got dangerously close to the "original character" territory of writing. All topped up with a dramatic past, too. Just... wow. Textbook Mary Sue.

    So yeah, no, you are not alone in having these thoughts. You are in the good for not following the hive mind of the community. Not too sure how many there are of us, though.

    • It doesn't even seem to be that much of a minority opinion, actually.

      And I find myself liking Jane's character much more than Molly's because unlike Molly, she seems to be written more as a sociopath, rather than just a "stoic badass"-type character. The way she casually toyed with Troy to get what she wanted and then mutilated and left him for dead proved that she's a far darker character than Molly, whose cynicism and aloofness just came off as insincere.

      I have no doubt in my mind that Jane would leave everyone in the group to the wolves if it meant that she had a better chance of coming out the other end unscathed. And that actually makes her a really interesting companion character to me.

  • I don't like Jane either. She seems the type to leave the group high and dry once things get tough. I don't hate her, it's simply dislike for me at this point. And a sure as hell don't trust her.

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    Same here, She is sketchy, I don't trust her one bit.

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