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It's not only chasing a murderer ..

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Bloody mary told snow at the end of chapter 3 that crane is not the killer .. This means?? she knows the killer ..
Bloody mary works for the crooked man .. This means?? the crooked man knows the killer for sure ..
now to just limit urself on who's the killer, it's just ridiculous "sorry if the word is a lil bit offensive" .. but we r now dealing with a whole corrupt organisation .. someone giving orders, some one executing, and others protecting (Remember TJ when he was asked about what happened?; Dont laugh at me part).. this means we r dealing with an organization not only one person ..

so we r now not only chasing one person .. we r chasing a whole corrupt organization who r all involved in the crime scene, either by giving orders, executing or supporting .. so there's nothing called prime suspect.. the murderer was one of the people in the crooked man's office .. but in fact they r all involved and accusations should be directed to all of them, at least with "misleading the justice"..

and i hope the wolf among us in the last episode get all characters who supported the crooked man as well as the crooked man to be sued

sorry for having so many English mistakes ..

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