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Why Faith and Lilly were murdered

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I believe I found out the reason Faith and Lilly were murdered. They weren't contributing enough. It's implied that a lot of Fabletown residents took out a debt due to their financial issues, however with Faith and Lilly they were working off their debt with"prostitution". So I would imagine they would have to bring back enough money each day in order to pay off a minimal amount of that debt each day.

Now Faith clearly didn't have enough money, even if Bigby gives her some it simply isn't enough however the prostitutes, such as Faith, Lilly, or Nerissa don't know what happens to them when they don't pay a minimal amount. So that's why they all seemed more annoyed when they don't have enough money rather than concerned.

There are two examples of this annoyance, one is when Faith checks the Woodsmans pockets only to find small change, she tosses it to the ground in anger. The second is when Bigby doesn't have enough to pay Nerissa and she looks at him, with a clearly annoyed expression before paying with (what I'm presuming) her own money.

Now if you investigate Cranes apartment in Episode Three he mentions how he cannot pay enough to the Crooked Man as he worries Snow will get suspicious and catch on to what he's doing. However we have no idea what other money he has, so we can presume with the money he's giving to the Crooked Man he didn't have enough to pay Lilly and he left her.

The only thing I find odd is why Lilly was murdered where she was, no one would come check for her pay right into their room, however maybe that's how they organize things.

Nevertheless perhaps they both had their ribbons removed because they simply didn't pay enough money. What do you guys think?

  • It's possible, but it seems too simple. I still hope The Crooked Man isn't the murderer.

  • They weren't just murdered. They were displayed. Their heads were left on the steps of the Woodlands, and not only that, Faith's ring was placed in her mouth, ensuring that her identity would be discovered, and Lilly was glamoured as Snow White, ensuring that there would be an uproar.when she was found.

    Someone wanted to send a message to The Business Office, telling them to look into the shady dealings that were going on around Fabletown. It wouldn't have been the Crooked Man or Georgie since it wouldn't make sense for them to want to Bigby snooping around their business. Even if they thought they could handle him, it's still a hassle and it would have been much more advantageous for them to keep things as they are than to shake things up.

    Whoever killed Faith and Lilly probably did so hoping that it would put the Business office at war with the Crooked Man. I'm thinking that it was a well-intentioned extremist who wanted to put and end the the misery that the Crooked Man was causing.

    • Oh my god. You, sir are incredible. Wow! That is such a mind-blowing and yet good theory! But who could it be? Who in the right mind would do that?

      EDIT: Hold up! What if, it wasn't murder? What if Faith and Lilly killed themselves? Crane said something about girls making "schemes" near the end of Episode 3, so what if Faith and Lilly made a plan that in order to escape their wretched lifestyle and aid their friends (Nerissa, Vivian, Holly, etc.) They would gain the attention of Fabeltown officials Bigby, Crane, etc.

      Once Faith gained Bigbys attention she would go to the business office, and remove the ribbon. Someone would take her head and leave her body, whilst the Crooked Man would be infuriated he would only find the body and not the head, and try to handle the situation by removing the body by getting some of his goons to do so (which is why Toad Jr would eventually come across the body later thinking someone would have dumped it).

      Then after that, Fabletown officials would be quite suspicious however Lilly has had a trustworthy relationship with Crane for years! So after Crane leaves she removes her ribbon, and the same person places her head as "Snow White" near the Business Office. The body would most likely be kept where it is, as it doesn't need disposal. Why? Because Lilly is a troll and they believe in disposing a dead body in a certain way (by some special kind of burial so she cannot just be dumped in the sea). After that, they surely have the attention of the Business Office.

      But who would the accomplice be for placing the heads near the Business Office? Nerrisah.

      The spell stops them for speaking, but the spellcaster didn't realisze, actions speak louder than words.

      • It's possible. If all it takes is removing the ribbon to decapitate them, it might very well be suicide. It's not like Faith and Lilly had much to look forward to. Maybe they thought that their sacrifice was worth putting an end to the Crooked Man's machinations. That would explain Faith's "I'm sorry" note to Lawrence. Nerissa being the accomplice makes sense as well. She was the one who pointed Bigby to Lilly's crime scene.

  • What I don't get is why would the Crooked Man kill them if they are giving him money. You wouldn't kill them because then you woukd be losing clients and therefore both power and money.

  • " Why Faith and Lilly were murdered "

    Long story short, they got unlucky...real unlucky.

  • It's not because they didn't make enough money. Replay episode 1. Faith- I won't be doing this for much longer, so now's your chance. No matter what you choose to answer Snow with in both instances Bigby says that Faith and Lily could have wanted a way out.

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