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"You two sure look like a match" Luke and Nick's friendship

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When Kenny said this in Episode 2, was he implying that Luke and Nick are a gay couple? I think Nick might actually have feelings for Luke, seeing as how defensive he got and how emotionally angry he can be. Luke's perfect for him. They've been friends for many years, he's friendly, sweet, understanding, and could ease the sorrow of any man or woman.

  • Is this like another version know who?

  • I don't think he was implying a romance between the 2... he was probably just joking.

  • I'm pretty sure everyone would react the same way as Nick reacted when told that you and someone look like a couple.

    • Why do you feel the need to reassure your view on the matter, by stating that the majority would agree with you on the matter ? Why can't you be an individual and talk on behalf of yourself.

  • To me, it just seemed like Kenny was making fun of them. I don't think he actually meant that he thinks they're dating.

  • Well Kenny was staying with a gay couple so i guess he jokingly said that to them.

  • use the spolier tag

  • They've been friends for about 20 years. Don't you think he'd make his move already if he was gay?

    • no, thats the exact reason why, hes been friends for 20 years with Luke, wouldn't want to risk losing it even though he probably wouldn't

    • Possibly? Idk, speaking from experience, when it comes to having a crush on a friend that stuff can be really nerve-wracking because you don't want to ruin what you have. It makes it especially hard if you have low self-esteem, like Nick does. And with that low self-esteem, I have trouble imagining him as being very self-accepting if he was gay. So it might be something he'd keep to himself.

      Or maybe he tried to and was rejected. Ha, that would be sad.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    Maybe he doesn't like being called gay. If i was nick i probably would have punched Kenny for that comment. It doesn't matter if Nick is gay or not. It isn't any of Kenny's business. He said that to intentionally piss them off, and it was a homophobic comment.

    • I don't think he said it to piss them off? He only just met them, he had no real reason to make mean comments yet. My assumption was that he'd been living with Walter and Matthew so long that when he sees two guys together his thought is, "Oh, maybe they're dating."

      • He only just met them, he had no real reason to make mean comments yet.

        It's Kenny. Like he says, crazy shit just comes out of his mouth sometimes. And a couple more years in the apocalypse didn't make him more well-mannered.

        He didn't like Luke, Nick, or the rest of the cabin group from the get-go. They're group of strangers, they met at gunpoint, and they're rivals for Clem's loyalty. He was sizing them up and pushing their buttons. That's why when they confront him about it, he responds with a coy "I'm just sayin' you look like good friends is all." He was expecting that kind of a reaction and got a kick out of it.

        This might be a weird example, but it's kinda like in TV shows and movies when a guy meets his recent ex's new boyfriend and acts like a dick to him. Not anything major, just small jabs here and there to rile them up and establish dominance and control.

        • I don't know. I really don't view it that way. I mean, just before that moment he made a light-hearted (if kind of gross) joke. And yeah, it fell flat, but I assumed that "match" comment was another attempt to make small talk that also fell flat.

          It's hard to say because Kenny has made some pretty sly digs, but you can usually tell pretty easily that they're such. Like when he says to Nick, "That's right, yer a man", it's very clearly sarcastic. But this comment didn't sound sarcastic or malicious to me like that one had, you know?

          I mean... Kenny's been living with a gay couple for a while now, and Walter clearly really liked Kenny so I can't imagine Kenny saying things to make him and Matthew uncomfortable. He's not the most sensitive guy in the world, but he's not so pig-headed and disrespectful that he'd make comments like that after a really kind and gracious gay couple took him and his girlfriend into their home and gave them food, shelter, and support when they needed it.

      • Lol he was clearly trying to piss them off. DO you know Kenny's character at all ?

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