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Molly is jane/Vince knows clem (edit - this is dumb and mollys better dan jane)

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Ok so i have been thinking and gathering research and i have found this (comment from other fourm that was mine go look) Well my theory is that Jane is molly faking her identity now before you say oh that's dumb think about she could have escaped near lee and Clem that's how she knew about the zombie blood also like my Vince theory the reason we didn't see much of Vince is cuz Danny/Justin and Vince were on that hill(seen in s1 if you choose not to shoot lee or i guess miss the shot...) back to what i was saying also some more proof of Jane is Molly is the fact that she talks for the first time in that moment right after Kenny mentions the bells in Crawford so theirs 2 reasons she changed the subject (kind of) Crawford is a place she hated basically or she didn't want them to know about her non-death. idk why but one last piece of proof is that molly has/had? a special relationship with Clem same F*ckin thing with "Jane" .... i'm looking 4 more evidence but i might just half 2 wait for episode 4 but i'm still confused (if i'm right) why she wouldn't tell them or at least Clem i mean shit maybe Kenny was originally gonna be in the series in episode 3 and molly would have taken his place in the "I Thought You Were Dead" moment i doubt that but anything is possible with tell-tell they killed of your player and pulled it off very well in season 1 sad but at least he didn't just get eaten alive he fought to save a little girl

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