Bigby and Snow's Romance

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bigby and Snow dont hook up at the beginning of the comics, right? Well, this season is heading toward where I think that they will end up together at the end of it, and if they make a season 2 (which they better) where will it be taking place time wise? In the 20 year prequel or will it follow a part of the comics? Just wanted to hear your opinions.


  • Well in the comics they have kids, but depending on your choices it could affect their relationship at the end of this season and further out to a point, we'll see

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    Hopefully there is a season two, so we can get closer...:)

  • I don't think that the season is heading toward them being together by the end. I think that it's just hinting strongly at the fact that they feel drawn to each other. As long as they don't act on it, it won't break canon.

    I'd love to see a second season, I have no ideas about when it should take place. I'd think either another prequel to the comics, or a story set some point early during the first big arc would make the most sense. Otherwise it could spoil things for some readers, or confuse people who'd never read the comics.

  • Are Snow and Bigby ever in a real relationship? Because they do show that they have feelings towards each other but they never really start any relationship even when Snow gets pregnant. So I think they will kiss but not start a relationship.

  • You'll see by issue 50 what happens.

  • I seriously hope that if there were another season, it'd end up at the beginning of the comics (ie: Snow talking to Beauty and Beast, Jack interupting Bigby, etc. It's unlikely, but it'd be cool if it did.

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