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All staged

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is this all staged that bigby was lured into crooked's domain? if you go to butcher shop first you find shard at lucky pawn and other way around. Beast tells u before that if you go to either of the places first the other will be alerted and also right after bigby arrives at crooked house tim was coming like he knew it. What sorcery is this? one more thing what is that written on blackboard in butcher shop if you go first there?(if you go after its rubbed)

  • Good theory. But I just think this was done so you have to investigate both places.

  • Maybe they have their own mirror so they can track bigby and plant it so he can feel like he can get the crooked man but it was all staged like he said

  • It probably was not a coincidence that Beauty called. They probably knew Bigby was coming anyway.

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