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A Small, Very Small, Shred of Compassion for Troy.

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Now I hate Troy just as much as the next guy but did anyone else have the slight bit of remorse for him when they saw the look on his face as Carver was beating Kenny? I mean he should have done something which makes me still hate him but I feel bad because i know he truly didn't want that to happen

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    He also saved Clem from the walkers. I know that he did that just because the camp would've been infested otherwise, but he still could've easily let Clementine die and say it was an accident.

  • nope, he didn't feel bad when he slapped a little girl, pushed her around, and hit her with the butt of his gun did he? he's a jerk and he always will be

    EDIT: also the only reason he looks like that is probably cause he's scared carvers gonna do that to him some day, i doubt he actually felt bad for kenny in that moment.

  • Troy's a faithful follower, that's his one and only redeemable quality. Other than that, fuck Troy, and the horse he rode in on.

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    I liked Troy, I think he was just scared of Carver, that's why he acted like he did.

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      I think he's just your typical lapdog who has his limits. Troy's being watching a man get slowly beaten to death, and watching a girl get chewed up.

  • I think he was just doing what he had to do to survive. He's in a bad position of follow orders or get beaten to death (or near death like Kenny). But you never know, he could've just been an asshole and we're looking too far into it.

  • He was just scared of Carver.

  • Watch it again:

    That look wasn't to Carver - it was to Bonnie coming in and stopping Carver (you captured the frame the millisecond before he turns his eyes to Bonnie entering the room). He raises his eyebrows like that only when Bonnie starts talking. (See around 2:02 in the vid, but it's good to watch the series of events leading up to it too.)

    You're forgetting that JUST before this moment, he smashed Clem's face with the butt of his rifle (or Sarita's) and said "you little shit" when she was running up to stop Carver. He was actively using a weapon to stop people from stopping Carver. He wasn't having second thoughts about what Carver was doing; he was shocked at Bonnie standing up to Carver.

    EDIT: lol at 2 downvotes 1 minute after I posted this comment (with no-one actually replying to say why I'm wrong). Downvote all you like, but it's the truth. No-one is saying you're wrong to have pity for Troy; I'm just giving proper context to that freeze-frame. Sorry if that upsets you bro.

  • Well, he didn't need to have a death like he did, he was an asshole, but I think he still had some humanity...

  • To be honest, once you hit a little girl with the butt of your gun and enjoy watching a father slapping his daughter across the face that person loses all credibility in my eyes.

    Troy had what was coming to him.

  • Would've meant more if he actually did something like Bonnie did, but he didn't, because he's a coward.

    Being a bystander automatically puts you on the side of the oppressor, because doing nothing allows people to get hurt. Doesn't matter how many sad faces you make. You did nothing, therefore this means nothing.

    • To be fair, Bonnie was in this exact same position at EP2, she felt uncomfortable and didn´t like what she was doing, since has good moral values inside of her, but she had a job to do and had her reasons to be loyal to Carver("I´m alive because of him, that´s just a fact"). Troy is clearly more hardened and adept to Carver´s violent methods, but his reaction still gave some sign of compassion and good morality sealed in him, that could be developed and used to turn him around like Bonnie did, although it would be much harder compared to her case.

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