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What if Reggie's fate was determinant?

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So I had an idea of something that could've been tweaked to make the episode possibly a tiny bit better. What if your actions in the pen that first night determines Reggie's fate?

Basically if you decided to touch more than one thing (the fence and the door to the pen), therefore getting Reggie killed because Troy tells Carver that Reggie couldn't keep the newcomers in order. If you don't touch more than one thing, then Carver spares Reggie at the roof, but he gets set back as far as the newcomers as far as progress to being let back in.

What do you think? Would this have been a good change in writing, so that Reggie's character has hope of actually being developed a bit more? I just feel like it was kind of poor writing that Reggie was just killed so easily.

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