If you got to decide the fate of (SPOILERS), what would you do?

I have a feeling that in the season finale for The Wolf Among Us, Bigby is going to get to decide the fate of Bloody Mary. Granted, most people hate her, but if you had the chance of, lets say, killing her or locking her up, what would you do? Personally. I'm not sure how I would respond to a choice like that.



  • Slow, painful death. Locking up someone as crazy as her would be a waste, IMO.

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    Lock her up, I'm not a monster.

  • Tough choice, she could escape if we lock her up.. but there could be consequences to killing her hmm....

  • JonesJJonesJ Banned

    Not sure. Depends how much she pisses me off!!

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    Most likely going to lock her up. She's my favorite character so honestly I can't bring myself to kill her. :/ But then I'll kill her on my second playthrough just to see what happens.

  • Lock her up in a room with no mirrors and hope she never escapes.

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    I would spare her and let her go. Why would I do such a thing?

    Because there's an empty spot in the Fable bowling team and we need a person like her to fill in the gap. The Fables are going up against D. Brannigan's team on Wednesday. We need to win that trophy, and with a psycho like that on our side, we're sure to succeed.

    The Mundy cops won't stand a chance.

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    Mary knows how to roll them strikes and spares, let's just put it that way. :)

  • Break both of her legs, and lock her in a place with no mirrors, or reflections.

  • She may be a psychopath, but it's part of her nature ad a Fable. But for doing wrong and murderous actions, lock her up for a very long time because she's a Fable, and they live a long fuckin time, so she'll have plenty of time to think about who she is and what she's done. But then again, Bigby did lots of bad shit in the old days too, so what's the difference. I guess all this judgement has to do with what's going on now in the Mundy world. A fresh new start. But lock her up, she's dangerous and a fuckin psycho.

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    How can you kill this adorable little face?

    Alt text

    Alt text

    Look at those innocent puppy eyes!

  • She tried to chop off my head, so..

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    Looks like we have a strong contender to be on the cover of Fable Beauty Magazine, folks!

  • She'd get my vote that's for sure!

  • Oh, for sure, man. For sure indeed.

  • She's too dangerous to be locked up. I don't care if Snow will be present at the scene, yelling about rules and doing it 'the right way'. She shot Bigby with the silver bullet and tried to decapitate him.

    If I will be given the opportunity, she's as good as dead.

    (Besides, I spared Dum - I don't really know why, I just had doubts about him. No doubts about Mary, though. She's dead to me)

  • It really is a tough choice. After what she did at the end of chapter 3, I want to kill her but with my Bigby I kind of promise Snow that I would start to do things "by the book".

  • Kill her, I don't see why waste Fabletown resources and time managing her and locking her up. She's insane, to the point where she needs to be "put down" as she's too dangerous. Not to mention she tried to kill Bigby, and is associated with people who attempted to murder Holly, Gren, Snow White, and Bigby.

  • Bloody Mary can be seen as a popular fable so she can likely survive an attempt to kill her. Popular being well known and not necessarily liked. I don't read the comics so I have no idea if popular there means well known AND well liked or just one and/or the other.

    Keeping her alive would be a waste of resources for Fabletown. They can spend the money they would have used to keep her locked up on the poorer fables to help them get out of poverty. There's also always a chance of some other psycho fable releasing her. There's too much of a risk. She's murdered countless people. She didn't kill because she thought they were the devil. She didn't kill because they looked at her wrong. She didn't kill because she wanted their stuff. She didn't kill because she thought she was doing them a favor. She killed for fun. Someone like that won't suddenly do a 180 and want to atone for what they did. They either die or they keep doing it. Very rarely do serial murders like that suddenly stop killing and become "good".

    I'd either:
    1.) Throw her down the Witching Well
    2.) Chop her up into various pieces and throw a piece or two down the Witching Well and scatter the rest between Fabletown and the old world (if possible)
    I'd remove any chance she'd have of coming back.

  • I could just imagine someone in Fabletown keeping a piece of Bloody Mary on their shelf. My reaction would be: lol wtf.

  • Down the Witching Well. Be done with her.

  • I'd kill the crap outta her.

  • Honestly, I would just kill her if the option is available. She is clearly a psychopath because she revels in the pain of others. I am not sure why anyone would feel sorry for a character like that, but to feel guilty about killing her is not a bad thing. For me it's clear-as long as Bigby doesn't look bloodthirsty or look like the "old Bigby" for it, I would kill her.

  • I don't think Fabletown has a way of locking people up. They just toss them down the well.

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    I would just give her a quick death. She needs to die before she hurts anyone again. Maybe I would spare her if she started begging for her life. The only reason I didn't kill Tweedle Dum was because he was unable to fight back at the time.

  • And before that they chop their head off.

  • definitely a kill. no place is safe with her power, let alone powerful people outside want to releash her. Bluebeard gets her out of the cell to serve his purpose is a very possible scene.

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    Last night as I finished up in the office, I turned off my computer monitor as usual to go home. The screen went dark and I found myself staring back at my own dim reflection, wondering just how much of a "mirror" Mary needs to work with... kinda creeped me out.

    I'm definitely not sure I'd trust her to STAY locked up...

  • Hmmm... hinting at something... maybe...

  • puzzleboxpuzzlebox Telltale Alumni

    Man, I can't say ANYTHING without you guys thinking that!

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    How do we do private discussions? I know this is off topic I just wanted to know

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    Let's see, taking every capitalized letter in your last two posts, you get: L I I T I M I I S T A Y M I A N Y T H I N G.

    Unscramble that and take out 2 "i"s and you get "HINT: A STYMYING MILITIA"

    Conclusion: The Crooked Man has amassed a militia of Fables to hinder Bigby's progress in the investigation...by taking out his two eyes. Pretty sneaky, puzzlebox. But I'm onto you.

  • "If they lock her up... always a chance of some other psycho fable releasing her." That would be a good story for a DLC or for Season 2 if they decide to make one (which they better :P)

  • Well, Bluebeard and Bigby changed. Everybody used to hate them, as well, for consistently killing innocents. Bigby was ruthless and also killed for fun.

  • I'd rather have her locked up for awhile, and a powerful spell put on her to restrict her powers for precaution. Her powers are amazing (could be useful to Fabletown at some point in the future) and there are fables who were equally ruthless and hated that changed their murderous ways for a prolonged period of time (prime ex. Bigby).

  • Bluebeard has not changed, only acts like he did. Bigby killed for food mostly, he swore to eat bigger and bigger prey, after Woody cut him open he decided that he will only have one type of prey.

  • I killed Dum without hesitation, but for some reason I don't think i'll be able to kill Mary even though she's far more evil..

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