• finally someone who like sarah :D

    • He's not the only one. A lot of people on here like Sarah

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      i would say the majority of players like Sarah, just there is a vocal minority who blasts her recently.

    • Sarah fans upset about the choosing/death Sarah need to understand this: Someone like her simply will not last in the world that is reality (in the game) now. She was a wreck, and she would stay a wreck. She was sheltered for far too long, and never given a chance to grow up into an independent person.

      It's not her fault though, it's the parenting decisions of her father that led this to happen. She was a lost cause because of this, and if he taught her like Lee taught Clem, how to defend herself, what to do in situations, etc. then maybe she would have had a better chance. But her dragging everyone down and risking the lives of everyone is far more of a liability than one can handle in the situation at hand.

      So yes it's harsh. But that's how reality is when everything has gone to shit: Harsh.

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    ComingSoon BANNED

    What if on her deathbed we give her a pinky swear...

    "Friends until the end."


  • I would try to save her since Sarah and Clementine are best friends in my playthrough

    Edit: we have a dislike troll among us

  • The only time I ever let someone die, is if it comes down to saving someone else. Similar to those scenarios like Ben, Nick, and Alvin. If there isn't an option between two people, I'm going to save them. I would love if there were more action things when you chose to save someone, that if you failed (example, shooting x amount of Walkers with x amount of bullets) then the character died. But when the option comes down to just pressing "Save ____" or "Don't save _____" I'm going to save them.

  • I think in episode 4 we realize how broken Sarah is and her dangerous it may be keeping her around because of how unstable she is. Maybe she becomes fearless following her fathers death and no longer runs from walkers, and instead welcomes death. Maybe she will do some dangerous stuff too, like Ben, endangering or getting people killed.

    Ultimately we will have to decide to let her die or not. Maybe she has a shot at survival, if the group finds a safe place. Clementine could definitely keep her alive and teach her how to survive. I know I'll save Sarah no matter what happens.

    Like Lee said in episode 3 when teaching Clem to shoot, you just "pull the trigger and live with what happens". So in terms of saving Sarah, and even chopping off Saritas arm, just look at it as preserving whatever life there is left and living with whatever the consequences may be.

  • I'll save Sarah. Yes she annoys me at times, like having to help her with her work [I HATED THAT] but I don't want her to die. I'll do what I can to help her, just as I did with beautiful blue eyed Nick. Power to the pinky friendship!

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      CrazyGeorge BANNED

      She looked broken to me, i felt sorry for her, and i was actually surprised that was a choice to help Sarah or not. I figured most people would be like "Awww that ok." I thought she was going to jump off the roof when Reggie got in trouble, she got problems and now that her father is dead, she is going to be a complete mess.

  • Leave her to die. From the creator of #TeamAntiSarah.

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    Gustav_Kenny BANNED

    I'd depend.. But I'll probably show her mercy like I showed Ben in EP4, because having Ben alive was frickin' awesome..


  • I have a feeling we are gonna see some dark shit in this episode involving sarah.

  • Of course I'll help her. We're friends, right?


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