E3 wrap-up - Tales from the Borderlands & The Walking Dead pinball

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We're just back from a crazy hectic week out at E3, where press got their very first look at Tales from the Borderlands in motion! Following are some new screenshots from the game, pics of our demo theater, and thoughts from the press about what they saw inside...

E3 booth

"Telltale's record is pretty darn good. Once it made the jump from traditional point-and-click to narrative-driven gameplay, the developer found a format that works for just about any game. And then it announced Tales from the Borderlands, and it felt like it might've gone one step too far. Borderlands was about guns! And loot! Things that don't work in that style of gameplay! Right? Wrong. So beautifully, wonderfully wrong." - GamesRadar


"It’s savvy, smart adaptation at work... The art direction and humour belong to the world of Borderlands, but the narrative complexity and ingenuity are unmistakably Telltale." - IGN

"They're doing some REALLY creative, cool stuff that got me really excited... They have an excellent lead character, and I think they have an excellent premise... I was hooked." - GameTrailers



"...an absolutely perfect approach to the Borderlands world." - PC Gamer

"Tales from the Borderlands is a match made in heaven... Masterfully, Telltale hit the bulls-eye in their partnership with Gearbox." - CinemaBlend

"Game of show. Calling it right now. Stop everything." - Cheat Code Central


The Stranger

Bandit attack

"We walked out of the room with a keen sense of anticipation for Tales from the Borderlands' release along with a genuine smile on our face from the humour that runs beneath the narrative... You're not a vault hunter, this isn't a first-person shooter, but it's 100 per cent Borderlands." - PocketGamer

"Telltale Games continues to prove itself as an agile team of storytellers, capable of molding and shaping a variety of tonally and thematically different fictional sources into impactful experiences that all share a common DNA. Tales from the Borderlands shows every sign of being yet another faithful realization of that notion, a story by Borderlands fans, for Borderlands fans that takes something familiar and frames it in a very different way." - Digital Trends


And finally... we were lucky enough to have some very special visitors come by our booth during the week, including the voice of Lee Everett, Dave Fennoy himself. He was psyched to play The Walking Dead pinball (and we were psyched to have him there)!

Dave Fennoy played The Walking Dead pinball


  • Do we get to see the demo in action? They said they showing game play of pinball and tells game this week :)

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    I'm super excited for this game. It looks like its gonna be a hit. Also, when can we expect more info on GoT?

  • More like, "also, check out this game, it's called pinball! Dave Fennoy played some pinball while he visited us! What a cool game that has nothing at all to do with Borderlands or Walking Dead!"

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