What would happen to you in the zombie apocalypse?

Where would you go and why?, what would you do and why?, and how long do you think you would make it? and why do you think that?



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    At this very moment? I'd be fucked. I'm in a wheelchair.

    All it would take for the zombies to get me is a rogue set of stairs. Or allen keys.

  • Personally I would go to my school, i know where the medical supplies are, i know where a lot of weapons are, and there's a place to do both metal and wood working so we could make spears to keep walkers back or make a fence and all that, not to mention we have both compound and long bows with lots of arrows, so id say id be good, and i think id probably make it awhile

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    I would probably have to travel, but I have a sword in my room so I will use it like a boss

  • Beatrice style yo.

  • Will probably end up being a mix of Lee + Clem "S2" + Carver + Jane. Don't ask how. Leading a community that just picks a few that i deem worthy with the enough survival skills to survive on my own while making my people trust me and fell comfortable. Because in variety lies strength in occasions like these.

  • If it were to be a zombie apocalypse like in TWDG, i'd probably stick it out for as long as I could, maybe 3 months-3 years or hell, probably longer due to how easy it is to out run a zombie, but if I ever got in a situation where I was either depressed or stuck, i'd commit suicide.

  • I'd probably try to take some supplies and go in the countryside (less people=less lurkers) with my family (the only people I can fully trust).

    Stay away from everyone else would be my main goal.

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    I would probably not last that long. Knowing me, I would be too scared to even leave my bedroom.

    EDIT: Took a few tests that said I would last just a little under a year. Whoop.

  • I would grab food, supplies and medicine and barricade myself and my family in an apartment as high above the ground as I could find (sadly I think the second floor is the highest I could find where I live). Then I would wait there for things to "settle down" outside from the initial chaos, and then I would probably head to the countryside as well.

    Eventually we would probably have to hit the road more permanently to find new supplies and the like, though, which is probably when the real trouble would start (if it hadn't already)

    Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I think about this during the day. I'll frequently find myself sitting somewhere and suddenly just thinking to myself; if the zombie apocalypse started right now, what would you do?

    It's a great way to kill time, though, and who knows? One day it might be useful.

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    First, I should reunite with my family. We grab all the food, medical supplies (my parents are pharmacists and they have a medical education, so they know what to do), warm clothes, useful tools, etc. After that we fold it all in one of our cars and drive to the city. We borrow gasoline and weapons. Then we leave the city and keep moving on our car. We will probably sometimes stop in other cities, find extra supplies there and get back on the road. Then we will find a group settlement on the countryside and join them. Survivng in groups is better.

    I did a lot of tests about survivng in ZA. They showed that I can survive for 6 months, 8 months or even 372 days. Other test showed me that I have a 71,2% of ending up alive in the apocalypse. Considering that I'm a 12 year old girl, I might be an expert in surviving. Oh yeah, baby!

    Alt text

  • I have 4 friends and a stepdad all preparing for shit to hit the fan. We got around 20 guns, bulletproof vests, and a bunch of other shit. I also live right next to a Cabelas and a gander mountain firearms center so if the ZA happened I could raid that shit and get some heavy weaponry and go live at my cabin. We're already experienced hunters and my cabin is surrounded by lakes so food wouldn't be a concern.

  • I'd probably pack a few cans of food, a weapon or two, a first aid kit, and some other supplies. Then I'd gather my family, cats, etc., put some gas in the van, and leave. I'd probably head for my high school, just because it's like 3 AM at the moment and it's most likely deserted. I'd pick the locks, fortify the doors and windows, and hide in the boiler room until morning, and then figure out what to do in the morning.

  • Guys, if there's EVER a zombie apocalypse we set a meeting place and SURVIVE TOGETHER!

  • I'll bring the sticky.

  • I would probably just meltdown and be eaten. I either lock myself in my house and put furniture up against all the doors or if I was feeling brave enough I'd try to make my way to this little village nearby that's in the middle of no where. It has a corner shop that sells chocolate so I might be able to survive for a week.

  • Surviving on chocolate sounds good.

  • I'd like to think I'd be the biggest badass to ever live, and singlehandedly invent a cure!

    But if we're being honest I'm a chubby intellectual with a bum leg and a recurve bow, and I live in the middle of a huge populated city.

    I'm so dead.

  • I'd get fat but who cares!? Its the apocalypse! I don't want it to happen because all my family and friends would die but I kinda do cause who doesn't like free chocolate.

  • Probably just gather a shit load of food, and hide.

  • I'd probably die... I'm in the middle of a frickin' city. But, if I didn't, I'd have to find a community or be very lucky and get a shitton of supplies. If neither happens, I guess I'd steal a car or something and try to find a quiet place in a deserted area to stay with whatever family or friends I'm with. Then we'd grow whatever the hell we can grow and hope neither scavengers nor zombies find us. Honestly, I doubt we can imagine how a true ZA would be, and even less how the hell we would react. Maybe I'd loose my mind and go on a killing spree, who knows?

  • Also, looks don't matter that much in the ZA. People can't get picky.

  • I'd be breaking rule 1 of the apocalypse though. Cardio.

  • I live in the country side (that is a plus). We have our own bunker sort of thing (underground room really not a basement or cellar) in our house. Stay there with medical supply. We have a hospital about 3 mins from my house and a market about 5 minutes. I should be fine for a while :).

  • I'd be killed by my lack of depth perception or situational awareness. Any obstacle, from a rock to an uneven sidewalk, has the potential to send me to the ground if I'm not careful.

  • Stay out of strip clubs as well :).

  • I think a lot of people think they'd be badass survivors, but...tbh I'd probably curl up in a ball and start crying. Until someone like my dad or someone picked me up and took care of me until I learned how to survive myself.

  • At least I have a chance, even if there are no guns in NZ at least there are no nuclear power plants, give it a few months to two years and you guys are all screwed. You do realise that with no maintenance all the gas lines will explode, like the ones that are in literally every home to light up your stoves. But you will all be really dead when the nuclear reactors explode, because no one is there to replace the cooling rods that have a lifespan of about two years. As long as your not in the expected blast radius, which is about ten miles. You could always avoid radiation poisoning, as long as you stay 50 miles away from any nuclear power plant, which is very hard if you live in America, especially if you live in the south.

    Hope you like nuclear fall out! (Cough,yourallsrewed,cough)

  • " Where would you go and why?, what would you do and why? "


  • Of all the shit that would happen, I would probably die from being hit in the head by a huge concrete brick that was hanging off a building.

  • Im saying right here, stand my ground and protect my property alone! Im not go quietly! No one gets my stuff, no walkers, no looters I say!

  • My two best friends (Laurids and Emil) and I would get a car and then we would just do this:
    Alt text
    Till' we run out of gas, then we would do something whatever and survive.

  • I would be fine, i'm pretty much a loner already, and i am very good at compartmentalization so i would do the things that were necessary to survive. As long as no cute Clementine kids come around, i should be ok and not do anything foolish that gets me killed.

  • Killing yourself isn't the answer imo. You should look for other survivors, maybe you might find someone as "interesting" as i am, and you will have some fun along the way.

  • Firstly, i gather up my family and, well... Set my parrots free, probably. Then we'd all get the rucksacks THAT I INSIST WE KEEP and fill them up with all kinds of crap,and dad would get his rifles and give me and mum one for each and he'd keep one. Then the next move would be getting out, BUT, there's an issue with that. Everybody would, by instinct, move to the supermarket, to get as much food as they can. All the stupid people. Therefore, it would only be logical to go the other way. The safest place that i know is in my school, there's the changing room that is absolutely impenetrable. Of course, it could also be a trap. So... Either that, or my hiding place! I just remembered...

    I can't tell you about it, of course, because it's SECRET, that's why it's a hiding place. And my hiding place is right next to a food and water source, so it's perfect to stay there for a few hours, so my bro can rest up. Or maybe we could get in the car and drive to this little village that i know, and it's so small it only has about 5 or 6 houses, we could easily take over the place. Also, i have this knife i always keep with me. So i think i'll be okay. And... I don't think mum and dad would last that long, so... Presuming they wouldn't, i would take my little brother with me and... I guess i'd have to find a group. I can't take care of my brother. I would do well on my own, but with him, that's a different story entirely. I know who to trust, and that will do me well in a group. Then... Then only God can tell what happens, because i have no clue. I have a lot of stuff that could save me and my brother's lives in the ZA, though.

    I did a lot of Zombie Apocalypse quizzes, and apparently, my results say i'd live at least a year or two, and this other quiz said i have an 87% chance of surviving the ZA. So i think i'm good.

  • well, depends how stocked you are on food, ammo, firearms. If you have guns, great! but without ammo you're screwed. If you have food, you don't have to loot the supermarket. My house is actually a good defense point for me, as it has strong wood/metal doors, thick glass windows, and even a fence in back.

  • I can't promise anything... :P

  • Would you trust me with your life if you had to?

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