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What would happen to you in the zombie apocalypse?

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Where would you go and why?, what would you do and why?, and how long do you think you would make it? and why do you think that?

  • At this very moment? I'd be fucked. I'm in a wheelchair.

    All it would take for the zombies to get me is a rogue set of stairs. Or allen keys.

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    Personally I would go to my school, i know where the medical supplies are, i know where a lot of weapons are, and there's a place to do both metal and wood working so we could make spears to keep walkers back or make a fence and all that, not to mention we have both compound and long bows with lots of arrows, so id say id be good, and i think id probably make it awhile

  • I would probably have to travel, but I have a sword in my room so I will use it like a boss

  • Beatrice style yo.

  • Will probably end up being a mix of Lee + Clem "S2" + Carver + Jane. Don't ask how. Leading a community that just picks a few that i deem worthy with the enough survival skills to survive on my own while making my people trust me and fell comfortable. Because in variety lies strength in occasions like these.

  • If it were to be a zombie apocalypse like in TWDG, i'd probably stick it out for as long as I could, maybe 3 months-3 years or hell, probably longer due to how easy it is to out run a zombie, but if I ever got in a situation where I was either depressed or stuck, i'd commit suicide.

  • I'd probably try to take some supplies and go in the countryside (less people=less lurkers) with my family (the only people I can fully trust).

    Stay away from everyone else would be my main goal.

  • I would probably not last that long. Knowing me, I would be too scared to even leave my bedroom.

    EDIT: Took a few tests that said I would last just a little under a year. Whoop.

  • I would grab food, supplies and medicine and barricade myself and my family in an apartment as high above the ground as I could find (sadly I think the second floor is the highest I could find where I live). Then I would wait there for things to "settle down" outside from the initial chaos, and then I would probably head to the countryside as well.

    Eventually we would probably have to hit the road more permanently to find new supplies and the like, though, which is probably when the real trouble would start (if it hadn't already)

    Sometimes I'm amazed at how much I think about this during the day. I'll frequently find myself sitting somewhere and suddenly just thinking to myself; if the zombie apocalypse started right now, what would you do?

    It's a great way to kill time, though, and who knows? One day it might be useful.

  • First, I should reunite with my family. We grab all the food, medical supplies (my parents are pharmacists and they have a medical education, so they know what to do), warm clothes, useful tools, etc. After that we fold it all in one of our cars and drive to the city. We borrow gasoline and weapons. Then we leave the city and keep moving on our car. We will probably sometimes stop in other cities, find extra supplies there and get back on the road. Then we will find a group settlement on the countryside and join them. Survivng in groups is better.

    I did a lot of tests about survivng in ZA. They showed that I can survive for 6 months, 8 months or even 372 days. Other test showed me that I have a 71,2% of ending up alive in the apocalypse. Considering that I'm a 12 year old girl, I might be an expert in surviving. Oh yeah, baby!

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    • But you're survive a za,all you need is vodka,cigarettes,big ass tanks and ak47s.

    • I took a quiz too. I have a 70.21 chance o'survival. Is it good? And if there was a za, I'd find reunite with my family and my friends, and collect meds, food, water, gasoline and weps. Then get a car to travel to the countryside. When we're short on supplies, a few people would go on a supply run. And we live happily ever after. And yeah, I am pretty young too. I am the same age with Clem.

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