• Probably, i just left her at her apartment. If she's involved in the Crooked Man's business, she's probably gone already.

  • A living tree will not ignite with just a cigarette lighter. it's ridiculous. Even if it did ignite, it would take a long time to burn down. In that time, unless the tree is under a chimney or something, you just turned the room in to an oven, even if somehow nothing else catches fire so the apartment, and possibly the building, becomes an inferno.

    No I didn't burn it down. My decision wouldn't change anyway because It's a silly and insane option, and i just don't buy what happens in the game.

    • Tree is magic. Bigby can turn into a monster. Old woman can turn into a little girl. Dee and Dum have unlimited ammo.

      tree doesn't burn correctly

      "This game is unrealistic"

      • .

      • This is a false equivalency.

        The story has fantastical things, but it doesn't mean everything is fantastical or, more to the point, that anything can just happen for no rhyme or reason.

        Verisimilitude is important. Internal logic is important. An old witch appearing like a young girl is believable in context, while regular ass shotguns with unlimited bullets isn't.

        • I'm just giving ya sh*t. Don't take it to heart. I'm a smartass like that.

        • I agree, but I don't think that the tree applies here. You're totally right about the shotguns, but the tree is different. Did you see the flames on that thing? They were bluish-white, like a flame on a gas stove or propane grill. I think that it was implied that the burning was magical in some form. It's not to hard for me to suspend my disbelief when it comes to the way the tree burned. It didn't look like real/normal fire at all, so I just assumed that something magical was happening.

          I do agree with your point about fantasy keeping an internal logic though. I got into a debate with my husband about that the other day. It was about the new X-Men movie. Xavier dies in X3, in a very poignant, memorable way. Then, without explanation, he's alive in "Days of Future Past". I liked the movie a lot, but that kept bothering me. My husband said, "Oh, who cares? It's fantasy." I argued the same point you're making. Anyways, it turns out my argument was irrelevant because supposedly there was a post-credits scene in X3 (as if we all watch the credits all the way through, /sarc) where Xavier's consciousness inhabits his twin brother's (who was never mentioned before) body. Lol. At least, they came up with some explanation to justify a future return of Prof. X. No matter how ridiculous. ;)

  • I burnt that fucker down and I would do it again with no remorse.

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    breadnbutter BANNED

    I wanted to burn it the first time , but when snow told me to do it i didn't do it.

  • I'm not into burning priceless magical artifacts. If given the choice, though, I would have repossessed the hell out of it and given it to the 13th floor witches.

  • Nah, I'd be more inclined to ask Greenleaf if she can glamour without the materials &/or what steps she does to create glamours. Then I'd see if it's possible for her to work on the Farm inhabitants. Kind of sucks getting driven out of the homelands then being banished to a remote area never allowed to leave.

  • I didn't burn the tree and I don't regret it. I hired her instead. I felt that it would be wrong to punish the tree for her actions. Also, she has a fair point about Fables being unable to afford glamours. What she did with Lilly's Snow glamour was wrong and I won't make excuses for that, but I didn't think it right to burn a tree from the Homelands. I tried it in one of my later playthroughs and I felt really bad the whole time. I'm fine with my canon playthrough's choice of leaving the tree alone.

    I'm not quite sure that Auntie Greenleaf is a bad person yet. She could just be a lonely, poor, old woman who has fallen on hard times, like many other Fables have. As the story goes on, I'm becoming more sympathetic to "the strays" as Holly calls them. I don't like the Crooked Man, Bloody Mary, the Tweedles, Georgie Porgie, or the Jersey Devil. They all seem to be criminal/evil types. Then, you have people like Flycatcher, Tiny Tim, Gren, Holly, the Woodsman, the hookers at the Pudding and Pie, and possibly Auntie Greenleaf who are just hard up and who have been neglected by their richer fellow Fables in the Woodlands. I'm trying to be more open-minded about what they're going through.

  • I didn't burn the tree, but I REALLY wanted to... It's just that when an old defenceless woman pleads you to leave her alone... yeah, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

  • Not at all. Producing and selling cheap glamours was never illegal in the first place, as is pointed out in episode 2, and she had no hand in any of the murders. Unless we find out that she KNEW that the cheap magical components she was buying from the Crooked Man was produced through slave labor, and everybody on that list should certainly be questioned about that though I find it highly unlikely, I don't see that she's done anything even remotely punishable.

    And that tree is f*****g valuable to Fabletown as a community, as is her skills as a witch. Hiring her is still a no-brainer, assuming you're not afraid of standing up to Snow when she's letting her feelings get away with her.

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