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A tiny glitch. Not a big deal, but...

posted by DoubleJump on - Viewed by 582 users

In episode 4 during the intro, right after talking to Nerrisa and then talking to Snow a silly glitch occurs. It is only when you chose to say the dialogue option to Snow "Beauty got a loan from him" that the game decides to change up that scene a bit differently. Since Bigby already says what Snow was going to say she just pushes you onwards toward the elevator. When she hits the button to the elevator she completely misses the button and hits the middle part. If you choose to say any of the other dialogue options she will always hit the button correctly. I did this on my first
play-through and I've seen it occur on other play-throughs as well on both console and PC. Just something that irked me the wrong way and hopefully Telltale will notice it and fix it someday.
Here is a link to some guys that had the glitch happen( "Title") skip to 23:40 to be amazed!

Sorry if this seems to dumb to call out, but I did not know where else to post a notice for this glitch. I want this game to be perfect, so if anybody else notices any other glitches in episode 4 or in the game for that matter feel free to post them here and hopefully Telltale will notice this...

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