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Miniority Rules

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In the face of the dictating Majority, I thought of making a thread to speak about unpopular opinions. Whatever it is.

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    ComingSoon BANNED

    Trying to save Duck at Hershel's farm.

    I mean, when you first played, you obviously like Shawn more. But I was still shocked when I replayed Season 1 Episode 1 just under a month ago. It was something like:

    "You and 30% of others saved Duck."

    Me confuse

  • I didn't hate Troy. At least not in the way most people did.

    Also, I didn't find Nate that much of an interesting character.

  • Hating Larry, Lilly, Ben, and Vernon. Hating anybody who knowingly puts the group in danger

    • Larry's hatred is quite popular, So is Ben's. I believe the community is split on Vernon and Lilly.

    • larry was meant ot be hatted thats why i didnt care for him as a character much like how omid was suppose ot be likabvle you where also suppose to hate larry but he didnt get enough time in my opnnion and had no redemable qualities but i still like ben he was a good screw up not always likeable but he still had more of a character

  • I actually really liked Ben as a character.

    Yeah, he screwed up a lot (and indirectly caused the death of Kenny's family), but I still thought that because he was so awkward, he was hilarious. It was a good addition to the game to add a cowardice, nervous teenager who acted the complete opposite from how Lee, Kenny, Christa, etc. handled everything. He was insecure and struggling with the fact that, yes, he knows he's considered deadweight.

    I just felt really bad for him. :/

  • Anybody who didn't owe up to having the walkie talkie in episode 3 is a pussy.
    Plain and simple. Carver isn't a dumbass, he knew somebody took two.

  • I didn't have Lee's arm cut off. I was just picturing myself in his situation and I wouldn't have the guts to have my arm sawed off.

  • I don't like Lilly, I didn't tell Bonnie about Luke, and I surrender when Carver was beating Carlos.

    • I didn't tell Bonnie either. I liked Lilly and I surrendered for one reason, I was curious to see what happens. Besides, I knew already I'd end up in Carver's camp anyway.

  • I think Season 2 episode 3 had shit character development, consistency, and characters in-general.

    I could explain if anyone wants.

    EDIT: I thought people would assume I was talking about Ep 3 of S2. I thought Ep 3 of S1 was amazing.

    • If you're speaking about 203, Many people hated it.

      But If you're speaking about 103, I'm pretty sure a lot of people hated it as well. :P

      Seriously though, 103 wasn't hated, Some people just complained about killing Carley/Doug.

      But I'd like to see you talking about why do you think it was underdeveloped.

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    CrazyGeorge BANNED

    Alt text

    This character is just like me, i like him...

    • I don't see how this's an unpopular opinion

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        CrazyGeorge BANNED

        lol really? Most people think he is a misogynist piece of garbage, possibly a rapist based on 10 minutes of dialogue.

        • 10 minutes of misogynistic dialogue AND using a walker to attack Russell AND ruthlessly killing a defenseless old couple who he robbed and shot earlier AND attacking Eddie and Wyatt. It's obvious to me he's a psychopath. Besides, your argument is that 10 minutes wasn't enough time for us to decide he was a bad guy but it was enough time for you to decide he was just like you? Just saying.

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            CrazyGeorge BANNED

            Why are you even in this thread? I am not going to argue with you about anything, just saying.

            • Look, George, I understand your opinion and I'm totally okay with it, But Everyone is welcome here, Despite our arguments, Even you are welcome. So don't start dictating others.

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                CrazyGeorge BANNED

                ok dad, i am done arguing over Nate. It is pointless, i might as well beat that dead horse until it is a bloody stump. I listed all my reasons in other threads, if he would like he could go ahead and find one of those and read through them, but seriously there is no point in getting over a argument over a opinion. I just don't have it in me right now.

                • Alright, As you wish. Though I'd like to hear why you like him.

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                    CrazyGeorge BANNED

                    I am kinda sorry to be honest that i came off rude earlier, so to TWDGFTW i do apologize . I just don't want to start another debate on this character. I mean there are countless "Nate."threads that go back a month or two that people trash him and i defend him. I just don't want to argue about it anymore.

                    I like Nate because he is funny, he likes to drink whisky, and most people think he is a bit off. I find him to be one of the more realistic characters because he isn't all good like Luke. He does bad things but there is also a good side to him. He didn't have to pick up Russel and offer him a ride. But yeah i just don't want to turn this thread into another Nate supporters vs Nate Haters.

                    OK, so lets just agree to disagree.

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