Save Sarsh or Becca?

I just wanna see where everyone stands with this decision. Alot of people don't like Becca and some don't like Sarah.

For me Sarah. I like her wayyyy more than Becca,



  • Sarah easily. I don't know about Sarsh.

  • Sarah because Becca hasn't made me like her in the short time that we've known her.

  • Sarah of course.

  • Sarsh. Always get the Sarsh Clementine.

  • Sarsh. Always get the Sarsh first, Clem//

  • Definitely Sarsh.

  • I don't think that's a fair match, we should do:

    Stranger VS Sarah

  • That fits actually. For Clem Becca is a Stranger. Why should SHE choose her over Sarah? It's the Player then.

  • I meant the "Stranger".

  • Id chose Becca

  • Sarah, I don't know shit about Becca.

  • I would choose Becca. She's pretty tough and I like the way she see the world - she want to be independent from anybody. If you ask me, she have better chances to survive than Sarah cuz Sarah is still a kid and now without father...well, I think she wouldn't make it.
    I just hope Becca saved after this walker ambush.

  • I don't know who Sarsh is.. Soo.. I'd go with saving Ben and Nick.

  • Sarah of course. Fuck Becca, that bitch.

  • Sarah of course. I don't like Becca.

  • I know. But the Term 'Stranger' fits for Becca too in this Situation.

  • Depends. Becca is a violent little kid, but I was quite aggressive when I was her age.
    Nah, I would go with Sarah.

  • I don't know yet, we've only seen so little from Becca.

  • But we're talking about who tould we save, not Clem.

    You didn't have to dislike it btw...

  • Sarah any day.

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    I would choose Sarah, Becca, she is all talk and i don't like her attitude, Sarah may not know a lot about survival but she sure knows what is like to be outside, plus she is someone you can trust and i don't think we can count on Becca, even if its the smallest thing it seems Sarah will always support Clem, Becca (at least to me) is really cruel, she is no different than those in Crawford and she proved it when she agreed to kill Stephany, so i rather have with me someone i can count on, someone i can teach how to do things the right way than some know it all selfish girl.

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    Oops, double post.

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    Sarah, at least she isn't annoying. I find Becky's sarcasm, and attitude very childish, to be frank irritating. I get it Becca, you don't like her. Try to be civil.

    Alt text

  • Sarah over Becca,but Becca over sarsh because I know nothing of her.

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    not wanting to hate and it is your opinion but she IS a child.... should she act a little bit"childish" form time to time? and if shes a teen its a little ok to act sarcastic
    but im also not saying that she does and can be very mean at times.
    And yes, for people they find this irritating

  • Sarah acts more mature than Becca, she isn't constantly bitching about someone. She helps others, What has Becca done for anyone?

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    i'm the true Eddie

    cough cough What? Oh yeah yeah yeah Becca mkay mhmmm

  • Haha im sure your regretting your spelling error. But i would choose Sarah

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  • Sarah, at least she ain't an asshole like Becca.


    (Yeah, but seriously. Sarah all the way. And not only because I had to think a few moments until I remembered who Becca was...)

  • Sarah


  • Hmmm Becca, the girl who seems to be cold hearted and would betray you but at the same time would take down walkers and be able to handle things on her own or Sarah, the girl who is nice to the core, blind but kind but doesn't 'function' properly in this world, but she can at least take down some walkers if you teach her too, Sarah kind of reminds me of Clementine when Lee was looking out for her.

  • Sarah. As of now, Clementine knows nothing about Becca and would have no big incentive to save her.

  • Not to mention Clementine disliked her when she spoke negatively about Sarah.

  • Becca. Once Clementine puts her in her place and gets her to drop the front, she could be a useful partner. Sarah isn't built for this world, while Becca, little snot that she may currently be, seems like she could make it.

  • BECCA!!!!!!!

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