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Most hated character?

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I'd say Rebecca for her hostility and then sugar coats it in episode 2.

Second thought, I just thought about Christa. I forgot how nosy she is on Lee and Kenny's business and how she would vote out Ben back in episode 4. She wasn't even there when it happened and she acts like she can get involved until Clementine opposed the vote. Like what Lee said in episode 3, she should just mind her own damn business.

    • I actually liked Lilly. Killing Carley, who was my third favourite character (behind Lee and Clementine) was the worst thing anyone has done in the series in my opinion but I still struggle to hate Lilly. She did witness her dad get his head crushed after all, I think that would mess anyone up. Oh and Lilly saved Lee's life twice on the St Johns farm.

      • I'm feeling ambiguous on Lilly and Kenny. Fuckboy Kenny didn't want to help Clementine (If you didn't side or be netural throught the game unless you talk about his wife and son) after Lee helped his sorry ass with Duck. Kenny is still cool but that was straight up shit on his part.

        Anyway, about Lilly, she should have just stood up for the group and told her Dad to calm down back in episode 2. She should have just tried to be nicer and not act like on her damn period all the time.

  • Troy is my most hated since he buttstroke Clem in the face for trying to help Kenny

    • Or the stranger from season 1. If he hadn't of taken Clementine, Lee wouldn't have been bit trying to find her.

      • Death is inevitable no matter what. Good example is Doug/Carley. You can still die in any situation. What if Clementine was there and never was taken? Let's say Lee and the group are getting their boat ready and then the old fucks start attacking them and then Kenny just shoots them out like an idiot. Then Clementine might get stuck with walkers because of the shot and Lee frees her by sacrificing himself.

        In my opinion, Lee should have been killed off season 2 or season 3 of the game.

        • Yes death is an inevitability but if not for the stranger then Lee would've lived to see another day. He was a survivor and would probably still be around now. I think the only reason he got bit was because he let his guard down panicking about Clementines dissapearance.

        • But TellTale had no intention on making a season 2. If you just look at The Walking Dead season 1 by itself, it's probably the best way to end it

  • Michelle.

    She was unnecessarily harsh to Clementine, a ten(?) year old girl. She already had the upper-hand with claiming Clem's gun, but she took it a step further by demanding Clem's hat for no reason other than to just say she has it. Girl, it was the last she had of her dad. You don't do that kind of thing.

    Plus, she killed Omid. My baby Omid. ;_; He was going to be such a great father to Christa's child.

  • I don't hate any of the characters, although, I could name a few of them that can get slightly annoying at times, but it's no big deal, cause Clementine brings peace and harmony to everything. Sort of...

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    Aka Michelle, if you had trouble deciphering that.

  • As of this moment I can't say I "hate" any current character.. The one's I've "hated" are dead (Larry, Carver).. I didnt hate Ben but he was a liability like Sarah so I'm glad Ben is gone and Sarah may follow. I don't hate Bonnie, but I dont trust her at all. We know Bonnie isnt a terrible person, but all Clem knows of her is that Bonnie was with Carver and helped kidnap the group. She did redeem herself a bit in helping the group escape, but that also means Bonnie cant be trusted.. She'll flip sides easily.
    I dont care too much if a character is annoying, that's just personality, to me hating someone means they tried to kill me (Clem) or are a risk to me and the group. I play this game with survival as the main focus, I even had Clem in S2E3 be a bit defiant and silent to everyone in Carvers group, but I was preparing for a longer stay in the camp. In case we were stuck there for the rest of the season, Clem would have to be smart and wait for the opportunity to escape. I was really glad that whole thing ended in E3 and not became like the prison for the rest of the season.
    I guess I am indifferent to all other characters except Kenny.. Clem know's she can trust Kenny, but she also know's Kenny is volitile and unperdictable. So would "my" Clem leave Kenny and the group to go with Jane who would be a great mentor and teach her to survive? Honestly i'm tending toward's Yes. In the long run, I can see that as the wisest choice.
    It makes me think of all that's gone on n the past and what that could mean for the future.
    What I mean is, take this question: As Clem would you kill or let Kenny die just for your own survival? Think of Otis from the TV show.. You and Kenny are trying to get away, your not going to make it. Would Kenny sacrifice Clem or himself? Would Clem sacrifice Kenny or herself?
    Would you stand becide the group and die with them out of loyalty or go with Jane and watch the group die?
    I guess I got off topic a little, but my point is, I don't hate anyone at the moment, it's all about doing or choosing the best options for Clem's survival even if it means letting friends die. It's a zombie apocalypse afterall.

  • I hate Kenny.

    Always doing what you don't want him to do. Always doing stupid things to force the plot (they use him to push the plot through) When he got beat up I was like Yes finally.. Then he gets up son of a bitch leave his ass behind...

    • Kenny has a lot of issues, I don't know why he is everyone's favorite. I like him as a character, but hes seriously fucked up, and has been since last season.

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    It is obvious to me who the most disliked character is.

    MAYBELLE the cow.

    The group just left Maybelle to die, they were like oh well. We don't need a dairy cow in the zombie Apocalypse.

    Alt text

    Maybelle will have her revenge! Stranger style, be afraid!

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