What do you think the grand finale of Episode 5 will be?

Maybe Clem will be the only survivor, alone and cold in a random building in Wellington during a blizzard then a silhouette figure will appear at the door to Clem's surprised face. Then the figure takes a step in and the game ends...


  • No, I don't want everyone to die :(

  • Me neither, but Telltale likes to show no mercy...

  • I actually thought about something similar to this lol I was imagining Clem, Kenny, and maybe one or two others fighting against whatever evils lay in Wellington and are about to lose the fight when the enemies are taken out by a bunch of bullets and reveal Lilly's new group.

  • Kenny dying with others. But for sure Kenny.

  • I think the ending of Episode 5 will be of Clementine crying in a corner wishing she didn't have to choose to between the pizza and ice cream, when all she wanted was some tacos.

    On a serious note, I'm not sure how it'll go, but I hope her being the only survivor isn't one of them. T_T I don't want Clem on her own again.

  • I HOPE everyone survives. But we all know that will not happen.

  • Yeah, it would be cool if Lilly made a comeback and told how she survived.

  • My guess is: Sarah will come back changed. She just lost her protector and person she cared most about. She will come back strong, almost as Clementine. Everyone will die or sacrifice themselves for Clem, Sarah and baby. Now telltale will need to rewrite episode. Sorry guys.

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    How I expect the season to end in one picture:

    Alt text

  • I don't really know. It's not usual of me to say that word regarding a futuristic atmosphere, But i sense a very good one. A new city maybe that isn't crawling with walkers.

  • I just hope Telltale don't pulls a Fatality to us.

  • Clem is obviously alive, but... Maybe she'll find other survivor(s) and sees their silhouette while facing the sun that is just about to dip below misty mountains... How dramatic would that be

  • I would've liked the idea if Kenny had not returned. Now since Kenny returned, it'll be so unrealistic to bump into both of them.

  • well if that was the intended plot, it's a prayer answered for all of us if they do indeed change it

  • that happened last season, i hope a very different ending will happen instead

  • ... that happened last season, and it was dramatic. Somewhat. If they do it again, it'll just be boring.

  • Wellington will be a trap, tell everyone that is a safe place but it's only an expedient to draw as more people as possible and use them like slaves or test subjects or i don't know, but in some zombie videogames or movies i saw this. Christa will appear for a short time and then she'll be killed, or she will appear already dead. Maybe Kenny is gonna snap, Luke will deal with his problem he can't kill living people (showed in Ep.3 with Carver) saving Clem or some other survivor from Wellington's member (or maybe he'll deal with his problem in Ep.4, but i'm not sure). I don't have a pretty clear idea on the final scene, maybe everyone but Clem dies (or everyone but Clem and few others) beacuse of this Wellington idea and there will be no going back from it (like the last episode's title says).

  • Could you use a different terminology(I am too immature for climax).

  • Alright, I changed it...

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    It's not crawling with walkers...it's crawling with people... evil ones

    duh duh DUH sound plays

  • It's probably going to end with Clementine, maybe Kenny and Luke, finally reaching Wellington.

  • Oh my GOD that's an awesome idea.

  • Every one we like dies. Except clem.

  • Looks at Ep5 Achievements That's exactly why I don't know what's going to happen.

  • I literally have no idea how the rest of this season is going to play out.

  • That's when the fun begins to me.

  • Clementine wakes up, and it was all a dream...

    Nah, but seriously, I'd be shocked if Kenny doesn't die (for real this time). I think it'd be a little bit of a let-down if the final scene is Clem all on her own again--I mean, we already did that. Why not let her be in charge of a new group?

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