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Minigame Ideas

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If you could make an in-game challenge for Sam & Max or SBCG4AP, what would it be? Include the controls, what you do to win, and the setting.

I would make the Ronald McDonald Times a Hundred minigame, where you have to press buttons simulatenously with the buttons scrolling down the screen. Ronald McDonald will be dancing in the background, at random the pace will pick up and Ronald will turn pink and begin to swirl around. There are five difficulty settings: Happy Monkey, Ease, Intermediate, Complexity, and you can unlock the Evil Monkey difficulty by scoring 100 points on each difficulty. You score points by hiting the same buttons as the buttons that scroll down the screen and onto the silver line.

Now let's see what you could do!

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  • I was proposing this idea in the sbcg4ap part but...
    What if a bigger race to the end of the race minigame
    Sort of like racing game except your not in cars.
    You choose your player with the arrow keys
    you can play as SB,H*R,CoachZ,Bubs,Pom-Pom,and Homsar
    Each player has there own specials and tricks.
    You hold the W key to go forward and turn with the arrow keys
    Hold the S key to go in reverse.Press the Q key to use an item you grabbed
    (such as fluffy puff marshmellows or melonade spill)
    Press the A key to use your special (you have to power up ur special)
    Here are the players skills
    Homestar runner-allaround-GAMES! TOONS! EMAIL!After he shouts the whole screens each player explodes real quick then comes back
    StrongBad-HighTopSpeed-SB SCREAMS TROGDOR!!!Then he hops on Trogdor allowing you to controll and burninate people for a short time
    CoachZ-Acceleration-He raps "These people try to fade me",causing every one elses screen to be blurry and reverse controlls
    Bubs-AlmostAllaround-He yells check it out over and over again each time giving him a speed boost
    Pom-Pom-GoodHandeling-Takes out his gun that appears in yellowDellow and shoots the everloving crap out of people
    Homsar-??????-Says something random then everyone stops moving and starts spinning for 3 seconds
  • They should make a game called Tetrick, which is very similar like Tetris, but it's not because it's called Tetrick.
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    A Pacman-like game (Let's call it "chomped")
    Max......... as Pacman
    Sam......... as Vitamins (For a short time, Sam tags along shooting "around" the enemies)
    Hugh........ as Pinky
    Peepers...... as Blinky
    Wheezer.... as Inky
    Specs........ as Clyde
    Various Junk Food..... as Bonus
  • MeaningOfLife;105174 said:
    They should make a game called Tetrick, which is very similar like Tetris, but it's not because it's called Tetrick.
    That's it? Just a misspelled Tetris?
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