5 episode limit?

So I was thinking... Does Telltale always have to make 5 episode seasons? What would you guys think if Season 3 had 10 episodes in it? Think how much it could get done...


  • Good idea. I believe it should be left open for the dev team. Would create a lot of diversity in Telltale games.

  • That is actually a really awesome idea.

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    5 episodes is more or less the norm for Telltale.

    IIRC though, Sam and Max S1 had six episodes while Law and Order had seven. I don't see them moving onto more episodes per season anytime soon. I prefer quality>quantity. But even now, that's looking kind of bleak...

  • Quality over quantity. 5 episodes works.

    Besides, it already takes long enough for these episodes to be released.

  • I honestly think that 10 episodes for a season is way too long, and would just drag out the arc of the season. Telltale may resort in focusing less on each episode, which is the reason why season 2 of Sam and Max was shorten from 6 episodes to 5. Law and Order is very basic when it comes to graphical details - each scene of a chapter consists of a room with textured mapped walls and two polygon sprites. I think TT needs a break from making their games after 5 episode so that they can either make another game or make new graphics and art for next season.

  • If they can keep the bi-monthly release schedule then that would be AWESOME

  • That would be awesome.

  • man I was about to post that.

  • I don't mind more episodes but that means waiting for even longer. No, I would then just wait for the full game to be out, rather than the episodic download thing. I would love more, but would mean longer wait for each episode.

  • That would indeed be an epic tale. Omg, imagine if TWD season 1 was 10 episodes instead of 5, then we'd get TEN episodes of character development with Lee rather than 5. That would make the death so much worse... D:

  • I agree that Telltale shouldn't feel tied to the 5-episode thing. Maybe that means making a 10-episode season, maybe that means making a 3-episode season. But it should depend on the story they want to tell and not be some arbitrary rule. No need to stretch things out or condense things together to fill out the 5-episode format. If you can tell it in fewer, tell it in fewer. If you need more, add more. If it's good, I'll buy it.

  • I think 10 episodes is way too long and 3 episodes is too short. 5 is the middle ground.
    I would like more episodes, but I don't want them to drag stories on for longer than they needed. Maybe 6 or 7 would be good, but the wait for these 5 is just too long, can you imagine waiting for 7? Or 10 like you said?
    I'd lose my mind. I like the idea of adding extra episodes like the 400 days one.

  • Given the new, shorter length of the episodes, this idea sounds pretty good.

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