What if by the end of Episode 5, we still don't know who the killer is for sure?

What if Telltale ends Episode 5 without telling us for sure who the killer (if there is one) is, the exact circumstances, and/or the motives and leaves the situation up for interpretation. Like one of those movies where you don't get an answer and you're left to draw your own conclusions at the end. It'd be very frustrating, but at the same time a very good ending.


  • Well i'd be either pissed or intrigued, i don't like ''unfinished'' stories, but it could work if done well.

  • There is a killer so I dont know how much they could leave open to interpretation. The only way I would buy that is if it was setting up for a new season.

  • The killer won't be revealed in the game because it's a prequel. The killer is revealed in the comics but I won't tell you who. All I will say is she works for some yaba person. She also kills off Fables. Cindy will make it in episode 5 because she's working as a spy. Bigby will use her help to find the killer. I'm telling the truth the killer is in the comics.

  • I'd be a little upset and looking like this:

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    But it would be nice, which MIGHT mean a second season in the works. :)

  • Depends... I'd be pissed but I'd also be excited because second season confirmed!

  • If that happened, I would expect a second season.

  • If that happened, I would expect a second season.

  • I'm telling the truth the killer is in the comics.

    I am certain the killer is not revealed in the comics. You can reply with a spoiler tag if you wish to prove me wrong.

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    I know who your talking about. 2 years until showing up is a long stretch though.

  • "The Wolf Among Us Season 2 Confirmed".

  • I have no idea who she's talking about.

  • The main antagonist of "Fables Are Forever"

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    I'm thinking episode 5 will coalesce all the rights and wrongs Bigby has done and, depending on who or how many support you, the killer will either be found out and then somehow get away or you don't figure it out and at the very end it's revealed (both leading to a DLC where you have to track him/her down to capture once and for all, with your previous supporting characters either helping or abstaining along the way).

    In any case, I'm very interested to see how this season concludes, and would definitely be on board for a season 2, even with a different (e.g. Snow) protagonist.

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    I'd be upset. All this time and ep. 5 STILL does not mention the killer. It would drive me insane! But knowing there might be doors opening to a second season....I could get over it in time.

  • Ain't happnin'.

    And rightly so. Telltale is a mickey mouse operation that makes crudely-drawn, almost-3D games. They're not Stanley Kubrick.

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    Oh, that seems like a stretch but okay,

  • I also said that it's quite a stretch. The only thing we discovered was the actual timeline. Wolf Among Us before Fables issue 22, Fables issue 22 before Cindy and Snow are in Switzerland. It does arouse interest in when the romantic advancements of Snow & Bigby pause. Either they pause with Bigby killing Crooked Man, or it's what happens in Paris.

  • If we have reasonable evidence against more than one suspect and have to draw our own conclusions based on everything we've learned without actually finding out if we made the right choice then that could work well, done right. It could actually be an awesome ending.

    If all or most of the suspects turn out to be so heavily involved in a murder conspiracy that whoever pulled the actual ribbons is irrelevant because they're all going down the Witching Well anyway, then that could work too, although it'd be a tiny bit disappointing.

    If we deal with the Crooked Man situation without making any definite conclusions about the murderer except for the fact that s/he isn't one of our primary suspects, and puzzling it out depends on Bigby having found all the relevant pieces of evidence, then... I don't know. It could be interesting, but it'd upset a lot of players.

  • I agree with what you're saying, and would add that the worst thing that might happen is a fully detailed conclusion with no loose ends so that no further questions could be raised. Hopefully TTG doesn't condescend to that extent.

  • a different protagonist didn't work for TWD season 2. I think it's a bad idea. Snow would be the only exception. But I still wouldn't like it as much.

  • With Fables it's a lot easier to change the protagonist in a continuation. There are a lot of interesting characters including Jack, Prince Charming, Colin, Cinderella, etc.

  • I think it worked just fine in Twd and it would work fine here.

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