Similar Games?

Hey, can someone recommend any games similar to TWD? Not any other telltale games, and It's pretty obvious someone will say the last of us but i've already played that so..


  • Other then 'The Last Of Us' or 'The Wolf Among Us' I would say...

    If you like the 'This game is tailored to how you play' I would recommend-

    The Mass Effect Trilogy-Great Storytelling, characters, solid gameplay and lots of emotion.

    In overall tone I would say-

    Half-Life 1 and 2-Because Kenny used a crowbar. Not bad games either.

    The Metal Gear Solid Franchise-Since Kenny looks like Big Boss and to get yourself ready for 'The Phantom Pain'. Pretty damn good series also.

    Uncharted- Luke looks like Nathan Drake. But you have probably played it already if you have a PS3.

    Seriously though-

    This may sound weird but-

    Tomb Raider-Not the old games but the new Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics Reboot. If you liked Molly this game is very much playing as Molly, with Lara having a climbing axe (which when I play the game I jokingly call 'Hilda').

    Spec Ops: The Line-Great game with hard hitting moral decisions.

  • L.A Noire is a game that I'd recommend. But that's probably closer to TWAU than TWD. Its very similar in that you explore environments looking for things like clues. It has some good but very rare action moments too.

    Another recommendation as you're a PS3 owner is Heavy Rain. It has its problems, but it is a very immersive game that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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    Monkey Island, The Last Of Us, Infamous 1, 2 and SS (moral choices) and Mass Effect.

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    It's hard to compare the TWD to other games. If it's zombie games you're looking for, then I would recommend Resident Evil(2002) and 4, Dead Rising, State Of Decay, and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

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    A movie


    because season 2 has no gameplay




  • And nobody brought up Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls? oh and now there's Murdered Soul Suspect.

  • A good zombie game I would recommend is "Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare", I'd also recommend you play the original game itself. Along with what people have said, if you want a game with choices I'd suggest "The Witcher" series.

  • I could recommend a lot if you like story and don't mind puzzle and a lot of read texting.(Visual Novels)

  • Beyond two souls! I never played it because they want way too much money for it, like 60 dollars for a game that came out a few years ago, i heard that they got Ellen Page's digital naked body by hacking the game. LOL, funny.

  • In terms with an emotionally gripping story you can't go wrong with Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

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