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realistic problems

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So , I dont think this is innapropriate but instead a realistic and problematical matter. Clementine getting her period. Either this season or the next, what will she think? Has anybody talked about it with her? Plus, if the girls die, she will only be with men which is quite awkward. And it is probably hard with ANY female to cope with her period at a zombie apocolypse. No pads, tampons, and extra underware... damn. Anyways I think this is a rather interesting subject to bring up in TWD

  • My concern about that if it were real life would be if the Walkers could smell it. It is just another disadvantage we women would have in the ZA, but then again ancient Women dealt with it.

  • I feel so bad for her. Damn that's going to suck. HOPEFULLY she doesn't get bad cramps. V_V

  • Well, it'll be a few years, but it'll suck. Take it from the girls on the forum, myself included. Periods suck, i'd imagine they'd be worse in the ZA.

    • Actually she's not to young to get it now. Its normal to get it at 11, and clems 11.

      • Well, things are different in the ZA. Usually drinking hormone filled milk (which is basically every kind of milk) in the real world will boost up everything making you have your period at an earlier age than normal, which the norm should be roughly 13-14 for a typical female without anything that may be changing the typical cycle. With that being said, unless Clem has a secret dairy farm, it'll probably be another two years maybe. I say that mostly because she's definitely not showing any signs at the moment. She'll get there eventually. If it does happen I kind of would like to jump into the game for a moment, give her advice, then jump back into the real world.

  • Yep. That's enough of the forums for now.

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    • Periods aren't weird. I was called a pedophile for talking about it before, which doesn't even make sense for multiple reasons, but periods are just a natural way of life. Without periods, none of us would be here, and Clementine is nearing that age, or at least nearing the age when I started that "fantastic" stage.

      • I wasn't calling periods weird. I was calling the fact that we're discussing an eleven year old fictional little girl having periods, and the fact that it's an actual serious discussion not a "Question you ask your friend when you're really bored and want to get a funny reaction out of someone" discussion.

        Like, let's just alter this. Instead of Clementine having a period, maybe...Larry having hemorrhoids. That would be a weird thing to talk about. Not because hemorrhoids are weird, but the thought of it is weird. Nobody wants to imagine Clementine having a period, as much as nobody wants to imagine Larry having hemorrhoids. Now, the second I start talking about Larry having Hemorrhoids is when I think I should leave.

        • Sorry, I wasn't intending to come off as rude. I understand what you mean. It's just very different for the girls on the forums because we feel as if it'd be relate-able. Now that I think about it, if I were a guy, i'd be weirded out too.

        • Talking about Larry having hemorrhoids would've been funny, 'cause that would lead into a conversation about taking a dump and those are always hilarious.

          ''Say, Lee'', asks Doug like a complete twat, ''how do you take a dump?''

          Lee looked at Doug the same way one would look at a child acting far too immature for its age. ''By sitting. On the toilet.''

          ''Really? I always take it by crouching on the toilet. It reduces the strain otherwise needed to push it out.''

          ''Shut up, Doug.''

          Although it is true that crouching whilst dumping reduces strain. It also reduces your chance of getting hemorrhoids.

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  • This right here is one of the main reasons I hope to avoid playing as Clem Next season. The only other option is to just skip it, like they skip characters using the bathroom.

    • So you'd rather not play as clem at all just because of her period?? Its a natural thing. I dont think it needs to be taken to the extent were you'd rather not play as her.

    • It's not like they'd actually show Clementine looking for tampons or some shit. If they do, that'd be a reason to stop playing. That's a fucking stupid sub-plot.

  • Man, even in real life, being women is hard. Periods are natural but rape, getting disturbed by someone sexually, always seen as a sex toy that's... that's just... disgusting. I mean I can't know because I'm not a women but all of those things happening to women's just makes me hate humanity itself even my own sex sometimes. I can't imagine what would happen if that ZA actually happens in real life. I know your topic is not about that at all and I'm sorry if I carried this discussion to somewhere else but I just wanted to say this.

    • Yeah it pisses me off when I see other guys say "LAWL WOMEN ARE ONLY FOR SEX AND MAKING ME SANDWICHES!" I just think really are you fucking kidding me?!

      Sometimes It pisses me off that I feel like I'm one of the few guys nowadays that knows to treat women with respect...

  • I think it would be really good comedic relief. Can you imagine Kenny or Luke being clueless trying to give Clem advice? It should be incorporated as a light hearted joke more than a full blown problem.

  • All of my jokes, aside. My honest thoughts on the subject are...It will probably be glossed over. Like Walkingcommenter said, the game never really went to into detail about the characters and their...private business. You never had to see or talk about Lee taking a shit. Does Lee take shits? Yes. But it's not really worth the games time to talk about it. Unless, TellTale wanted to make a really awkward shitting QTE.

    Same here. Is Clementine going to have periods? Yes. But does the game need to go that much detail? I guess I can understand if they want to show that Clementine is maturing, but I would assume that would cause some controversy from those asshats at Fox News or some crap. And I like to imagine that TellTale is above the belief that "Bad publicity is still publicity."

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    I always wondered how the smell doesn't draw any zombies...

    I mean, there were a lot of women in the game, how?

    • Well you see, the blood is dead. Dead, dead, deady dead dead. So in theory, the zombies can't tell the difference from dead blood and not-so-dead-blood, because they themselves...are dead.

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        But it was already shown that they are attracted to blood sources, plus, they have a good sense of smell since they can use it to tell if you're dead or not.

        • Quite true, but if the dead smell is dead, and the dead smells the dead smell, how can the dead tell if the dead smell ain't dead?

          You know what I'm saying?

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            I guess, it's just that in the game they can tell, it's not realistic anyway.

            • I think it's more to do with things like gunshot wounds and such isn't it? Where the blood's fresh?

              And how is anything realistic when zombies are involved? XD They're rotting corpses, how are they still moving for as long as they do? The brain needs oxgyen, how does a walker without a body still function?

              It's like they're infected with the alien stuff from The Thing T.T

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    I'm imagining Kenny having to explain it to her... 0_0

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