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Did All Creators of Zombie Related Games/Books Forget About...

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Did all the zombie creators forget about natural disasters? What happened to hurricanes and earthquakes? It's not like it all just goes away once zombies appear. So why does everyone forget about them? It's been bothering me ever since I noticed but not to the extent that I would stop playing the games or reading the books etc... It just seems a little unrealistic to me :P

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    I don't have a very extensive knowledge of the Earth's tectonic plates, but I don't think there are very many divergent, convergent, or transform boundaries near the Georgia/ North Carolina/ Virginia area. Don't forget, there was a 16 month time jump in the game, and humans burning fossil fuels is one of the lead causes of rapidly changing extreme weather patterns, and there aren't 7 billion humans on earth anymore.

    But I could be completely missing your point here.

    • Apparently Georgia has had a lot of tornadoes before so... Also I live in Virginia and we have earthquakes every once in a while

    • There were two separate plates where the Appalachians formed. It's why they even exist. The plates just fused together so you don't see earthquakes as frequently there like you do near California where the two plates in that area are moving in opposite directions.

      Does make you wonder why natural disasters are often ignored, though. A hurricane/floor would sweep many of the undead out to sea and a massive fire due to lightning would toast quite a few more. Maybe not kill them but would burn them severely. Then tornadoes might shred some more. Guess zombie authors are more focused on the zombies and forget that there's nature, too. We never really seem to see the winter, either.

      • The only natural disaster I've seen with zombies in it is in a book called The Dead by Charlie Gibson (Its really really good and is part of a series) and it's a huge fire that burns like 1/4 of London! Though its not even natural lol someone caused the fire

      • Also there was winter in The Last of Us but yeah usually winter is always hyped up like, "How are we even going to survive the winter?!" But then it's completely skipped over lol

  • It's not really "forgetting", it's just that they probably don't see much potential for tangible human drama to come out of a natural disaster, opting to focus on the more classic elements of zombie apocalypse stories, that being the evils of men coming to the surface.

    I would love to see a development like this in the future, though. One of the reasons I loved the flu outbreak storyline in the TWD show is that it reminded us of a natural terror that would certainly be an issue in a ZA where medicine is scarce. It also makes the world itself seem more oppressive that it's not just humans and walker that can kill you. I wouldn't mind seeing the characters fortify and perfectly defend this great society that walkers can't get into, and there's a period of peace, and then a hurricane or a tornado comes in and fucks everything up. If nothing else, it'd be a unique reason for the loss of a home, and could potentially lead to some genuine sad reflections from the characters that the world never stops throwing something horrible their way; elements that they forgot were terrifying in the old world.

  • This is kind of related, but screw walkers, mosquitoes are the real danger. With no vaccines those things are probably the deadliest things in existence.

  • Some sort of natural disaster would actually make for a really interesting part of an episode (especially a tornado).

  • I was expecting natural disasters when they announced that Season 4 of the TV series would have a new threat. Little did we know that it was just a sickness -_-

  • I think that would be very important in a ZA. I mean depending in were you live, me is EP don't get shit, maybe lil dust storms and some hail but that's it. now Idk about those places from the show and comics and game so I couldn't say. but they would make an impact

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    They got lucky, real lucky.

  • It would be cool with a natural disaster

  • I've never witnessed (first hand) a natural disaster in my life. I guess it depends on the region... Great idea, though!

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