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Does Kenny think of Clem as a daughter?

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I think about their relationship now and think that Kenny actually thinks of Clementine as his own child now. He trusts Clementine and he shows a certain sadness if she doesn't trust him. Now that his son is gone she is the only one worth risking his life at this point other than Sarita and possibly Rebecca's baby.

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  • I would say they have a father/daughter type relationship, but I wouldn't say Kenny thinks of her as his daughter. Definitely her protecter, but not necessarily father.

  • And he also called her Duck.

  • I don't think he's trying to replace Duck but I do think Clementine is one of his main priorities now that he's found her. While they may not have communicated all that much privately in season one, I think that whole experience of trying to survive the beginning of the ZA together has bonded them for life.

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    Maybe he is glad that not everyone died in Savannah, and now that Lee is gone, she's his responsibility.

  • I think he does subconsciously. Hence the whole "Pass me that can, Duck" thing.

  • I would say yes in a way, but I also think he sees her more and more as an equal. He trusts her to do a lot of dangerous things that he would never have let Duck do.

    It broke my heart when he called her Duck and when he was reminiscing about him.

  • Yeah, obviously Kenny had been a second protector for Clementine in season 2, but he cares for her in a way you will care for your child and obviously Clem does care about. So yeah, they do have a father and daughter type of relationship in their own way, but they do respect each other as a person.

  • What if Kenny really sees Clem as his son?

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    In my opinion Clem is Kennys last link to the past when he was truly happy with his wife and child. Everytime he sees Clem it reminds him of all the good times before shit hit the fan as she was the shinning light of hope in S1. With all the stuff/thangs they experienced and all the pain together they are only ones who can truly relate too left for each-other. I think Kennys failure to save Duck plays a part too it's a second chance for him and he will never allow that to happen again to someone he cares about. I think Clem gives his life an objective and meaning again tbh

  • I wish he had thought of her as a daughter when it counted.

    • Do you mean S1EP5? Because it would be weird if Kenny suddenly acted like her guardian then, even though Lee was bit he was still Clementine's guardian, not Kenny.

      Also, I don't think Kenny would have it in him to act like a father figure to her when he just lost his family two days ago in S1EP5.

      • I mean not wanting to look for her when she was kidnapped. I will never let him off the hook for that.

        • He just lost his family two days ago in S1EP5.

          Dragonleaf said it right, Kenny lost his family. He didn't like Christa or Omid, and if you weren't his friend then he didn't owe you anything. But the most important thing is that he did come in the end to find Clem, no matter what.

          • Im tired of people justifying everything he does. Everyone lost someone. If he cared anything about Clementine, he wouldnt be using Clementine to get back at Lee for not agreeing with everything he said. Thats not what a friend does.

            • I will agree to you on that and how kenny could sometimes be a a hole but most people who aggreed with most of the stuff he did or looked out for his family he was easier to persuade to come but if you always dissagreed with kenny i dont think you would want him to go with you i got the family orianted side of kenny rather than best friend type thing...

              • You got the "bro speech" and I got Kenny spitting in my face. Different experiences. I get that you love Kenny but I dont and its all because of that one moment when he could have helped his friends and didnt.

            • Do you also hold this opinion towards Christa, Omid and Ben? they could've potentionally not come with you, just like Kenny. Anyways, even if you were an ass to Kenny he'll come with you if you say Clem is your family. That's gotta count as well.

        • To be fair, didn't all of the characters need convincing to help her at first? Like I recall reading that Omid and Christa would refuse going if you chose to hide the bite.

          • Yes they do but that's more understandable than Kenny. They were with our group for two or three days. Kenny had been with Clementine and Lee for over three months. Lee considered him a friend and so did Clem, so that's what made it worse for me.

            • Kinda curious, how much did you agree with him before that? I know that if he's hesitant to help at first the "Clem is my family" option will convince him to come. I do agree that it's pretty shitty of him to give you trouble if you disagreed with him just a few times. xD But I feel as if he just wasn't thinking clearly in the moment, due to his family having died a few days prior and the alcohol he found at the house. For me, what mattered is that they all helped in the end even if they didn't want to at first.

              • If I remember correctly, it's been many months and many playthroughs, the only thing I went against him on was not killing Larry or Ben. He was pretty pickled, his surly attitude just really made me mad, like with the boat thing and him jumping down everybody's throats whenever they question him.

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          To be fair, if your kennys bff like i was he will have no hesitation to go with, and even if he didnt want to go with you, it doesnt mean hes a bad guy, same could be said for Christa and Omid, if they dont think your life is over, they wont wanna help you, and Ben even admits the only reason he came is because Clem is his #1 fan and he would feel like a piece of shit if he didnt come

      • My biggest problem with Kenny then, is that I supported him through pretty muche everything. I protected his son, I stood up for him, I listened to what he had to say. But no, because I didn't fucking straight-up murder an old man in a meat locker, I was never there for him and his family. That's my beef with Kenny.

    • So it doesn't count that he took the fall for the radio scheme in S2E3 and lost his eye for her? Because I think that might just count.

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