• Why the dislikes? It's great! :)

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    Blind Sniper Moderator

    Nice write up!

  • If they think this game will fail they haven't seen anything from 'Tales' aside from the teaser trailer then. Bottom line is Telltale knows what's up for this genre and they've proved it with not only Walking Dead but Wolf too. They're both amazing!

    When you mix Telltale with the Borderlands lore it's got success written all over it!

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      Blind Sniper Moderator

      People thought the same thing about Walking Dead back when Telltale mainly focused on comedy puzzle games. The only difference now is that, perplexingly, people seemingly want this game to fail just because it isn't Walking Dead. People similarly wanted Wolf Among Us to fail because they thought it was slowing down progress on Walking Dead Season 2 (despite the game having been announced at the same time as Season 1), but now people think the game is in the same league as Walking Dead.

      I hope to see people become more open minded as Borderlands and Game of Thrones release. Most of the time when I play Telltale's games, I go in without being acquainted with the source material and I still enjoy the games.

      I did, however, play a little bit of Borderlands 2 once Claptrap was announced as one of the characters in Poker Night 2. :P

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    Chateau BANNED

    "Skag lickers"? Now that made me feel some type of way.

  • Hahaha... and the ban hammer strikes its cruel, swift death to the Borderlands hater in a Borderlands forum. Love it!

  • No dislikes in a while... that's a good thing!

    Now that 'Wolf' is all wrapped up it's going to make the wait for 'Tales' even harder. I'm really interested to see how Telltale evolves over time and what they have in store. It's obvious they're just getting bigger but they can't keep going without making their games bigger in scope somehow. Eventually the formula will become stale I think, especially for people who have played everything they've made.

    I have faith though! I'm sure the minds behind those closed doors will come up with something good!

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