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what's the most hard decision in TWD ?

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what's the most hard decision in TWD ?

  • So far? There's been a lot. I'll list some that have been hard for me.

    1. Doug or Carley
    2. Cutting or leaving Lee's arm
    3. Sitting with Luke or Kenny
    4. Cutting Sarita's arm or killing the walker
  • I would say killing Larry and leaving the girl to get eaten are the toughest choices. There is a pragmatic reasoning for doing these things, but it directly affects a human life so the severity of the situation was hard-hitting. These were both rather early on in the series too, so they might have been harder to make.

  • All of the above plus choosing whether or not to give the girl at the Motor Inn a gun so she could kill herself.

  • For me, at the time, it was deciding whether or not to let Clementine come to Crawford with the group. It was the only time I had to pause and really weigh out the possible outcomes.

  • Choosing where to sit...

  • Killing Larry. It may have been the timer that made it take ages to make a decision.
    Leaving Lilly on the road or letting her back onto the RV. I was pissed as hell when she killed Carley, but at the same time, it felt very inhuman to just leave her there.
    Letting Clem come to Crawford. I didn't want to make Clem think that I didn't trust her, but this was before we knew it was overrun and I was certain it would be too dangerous.
    Killing the St Johns. I knew they were dangerous and that I had to make sure that they didn't hunt the group down, but it was hard knowing that Clem and the rest of the group were watching me kick Andy into the fence.

  • 1)To sit with Luke or Kenny
    2)Have Clem come to Crawford or not
    3)Whether to kill Larry or not

    In that order

  • In retrospect, none of them. In the end your decisions don't really mean much, anyway. But at the time, the only decision I struggled with was to shoot the girl or not with Kenny at the drugstore in season one.

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    Whom to sit with...

  • Without a doubt it'd be telling Clementine to shoot Lee or leave him behind. One that still has weight for me.

    In recent memory though, I'd say helping Sarah do her work or just complete my own. I'm not sure why though.

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