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I think I figured out "Pizza & Ice Cream"

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Pizza = Kenny

Ice Cream = The Group

I think that the Pizza or Ice Cream choice that TTG has yet to unleash on us is code for a Kenny or The Group choice. They have the same number of letters which makes me think it is a code. I am guessing that the choice will be pretty grisly either way. If we choose Kenny we spend more determinant time with him but are separated from everyone else while seeing many group members die. If we choose the group then we will lose Kenny again and find him later on near the verge of death.


  • They wouldn't do that big of an option because then if u pick one side they have to make an entirely new story for that choice which will make development of the episode even longer

    • I think there is a big possibility for large determinant segments, at least in the finale. They experimented with it in season 1 when they had 8 options for who came with you to the morgue. Also Nick is still alive for a lot of players, so that should result in some determinant scenes.

      • That is true but it wasn't THAT major in season 1, however having 2 completely 2 different story lines with 2 different settings 2 different achievements lists and yeah way too much but if they put alot of effort into it and focused solely on that maybe but people wont wanna wait that long.

  • Is that it then? Damn... I thought Clem was going to sit down to a nice friendly atmosphere meal of Pizza (hopefully pepperoni) and vanilla and chocolate ice cream... Ah well, out the window goes my theory then....

    • Vanilla and chocolate ice cream haha, wait a minute... Vanilla... Chocolate ice cream... Vanilla ice cream... Vanilla ic-

  • Could be. I'm struggling to think of a situation where we would need to choose between the rest of the group and Kenny though.

  • See TellTale, this is what happens when you wait too long to put out an episode!!

  • But I don't think Kenny would separate with Clementine. His relationship with the group isn't the greatest, but I don't think he would ditch all of them. He would go wherever Clementine goes, because that is like his main priority, and keeping her safe is a must. If you stayed with the group Kenny would probably stay as well.

    The person that would more fit that role would be Jane.

    Jane the survivor who tells Clementine, not to let the group bring her down. If anything it would be Jane or The Group. I know Jane doesn't have 5 letters, but I guess that the theory would not apply in that case.

  • I still don't like the idea of the whole Ice Cream (Luke/The Group) vs Pizza (Kenny) thing... especially if it's going to be life/death-decision, because it would give both choices immediately a determinant-status, which means both are going to die anyway. :/

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