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Does Anyone Have A Reason For Why You Took The Woodman?

posted by Live_for_the_YOLO on - Viewed by 1.6K users

Just wondering. I took him and I kinda feel bad.

  • Woody was one of the last people to see Faith. He could have more information on who she was, why she was there, who might want her dead. Dee wasn't too high on my suspect list at the time. That's why I grabbed Woody.

  • You shouldn't feel bad. He's an asshole for hitting Faith

  • I didn't arrest the Woodsman, but he gives more information than Dee.

    If you arrest Dee: You know Faith stole something from his boss and Beauty took out a loan from him

    If you arrest The Woodsman: You will know why did he hit Faith, learn about why Faith was there, learn about Lily and Woody's relationship and you will know about the client both Faith and Lily knew.

    Dee could have said a lot more, but he tries to avoid every question.

  • My thought process at the time: "if the Woodsman was telling the truth about not being involved in Faith's murder, why is he running? !? >:("

    • Yeah me too I also knew grabbing Dee is obviously what Telltale wanted us to do so I grabbed Woody because whenever you go against what Telltale expects then you honestly get a better experience in my opinion :P

  • I agree with GreatTornado,, I grabbed him because he supposedly had no role in her death but ran first chance he got. Didn't torture him though and told Holly about his 'relationship'. It gets better dialogue when Gren is confronting Woody. Gren-'Good thing your here Sheriff, since you were the one who told us about this affair'. Woody-'If Bigby hadn't said anything this wouldn't have happened'. Gren-'Don't blame him for this'. I think I am better terms with Gren and Holly.

    • I assumed Woody ran because you just beat the ever loving shit out of his friend, possibly mutilating him, and you're fixing to take him in for questioning. Woody was already terrified of what's going to happen to him because he's a suspect, and your actions didn't exactly reassure him.

      I personally haven't gone after Woody though. Good to know he actually reveals more about the plot. I always go after Dee because he's a fucking prick on top of being suspicious.

      (Yeah Woody is a prick for hitting a woman half his size, but she buried an axe in his head and called it even.)

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    Kennysucks BANNED

    I grabbed that fucker Dee because him and his brother sucker punched me, by the way which one was the one that you had the option to kill in episode 4? I can never tell them apart, like toad said, you have to strip em down to their johnny's before you can tell which one is which

  • To this day, I still don't remember the exact reason why I arrested him in my first playthrough.

    Probably because he was the first to start running.

  • I hate The Axe Men...:)

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