What you want to see in future episodes.

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I'll start off with a few.

  • Decisions actually matter: I'm not talking about a decision as in who lives or who dies but something else to give the game a more personal experience, for example; Sarah starts to cry in a scene if you've been acting too much like a friend to her compared to if you've given her tough love and tried to teach her to survive she won't cry in that scene saying she's "trying to be strong".

  • Harder QTE's: All the action scenes this season are SO badass but they're SO much easier than season 1's, shouldn't playing as a little girl make it a little more difficult?

Longer episodes wouldn't hurt also. Comment what you'd like to see the next to episodes down below!


  • I just want everyone to live and get to wellington safely :/

  • I want something like in 105, where the true villain is determined upon how you played that season. If you play an evil Lee, the Stranger taking Clementine away from him is actually quite justifiable. In the end, I just really want our decisions to mean something.

  • I'll speak on behalf of 99% of the fandom and say hubs. By extension, more chances to speak with characters and give them some much needed development. Longer episodes as well, like you said.

    Not holding my breath, but I guess you never know.

  • hub

  • you won

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  • hubs, hubs are very fun

    hubs are fun for everyone!

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    you won

  • Hubs & pizza.

  • Hubs and Christa

  • I want the option to kill somebody. Lee could determinately kill up to at least 6 people, yet the closest options we've gotten are putting down a dog and refusing to give a dying man water. Even when you choose to shoot at Carver it is Kenny who is actually pulling the trigger. Clementine has put down tons of walkers, however, and I would personally like the killing to be more significant.

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