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Windows ME Support?

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I have a Dell Dimension 8100, 1.7 Ghz, 768 MB Ram, Geforce 2 MX, with Soundblaster Live. All that seems to meet your minimum requirements. The only problem is that I am cursed with Windows ME, which is below your requirements for Bone.
Two questions:
1. Should Bone theoretically work with Windows ME, despite the fact that it isn't officially supported?
2. I have actually downloaded the demo and started trying to play the game. The problem is the game performance is very poor. The animation is very jerky and the speach often backtracks and repeats itself. Cursor control is sluggish. Is this a result of me using ME, or is it something else more fixable? I just updated my video and sound drivers and direct x, so I don't think that is the problem. I also have very little running in the background.

Thanks for any help.
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    The game will work under ME, but as you're discovering, it can be troublesome. We have almost the exact same machine as you (8100/GeForceMX) and the game runs acceptably under XP, but horribly under ME. You should turn of anti-aliasing (if it's on) and try turning on notebook mode. That should make the game perform as well as it can on your machine, but it still may not be playable.
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    Alright, thanks. Its still not playable :(, or at least not enjoyably playable . Oh well, maybe this is the excuse I've been waiting for to upgrade to XP. Just as well, with all the problems ME's always given me.

    Thanks anyways.
  • XP is quite a bit better than ME in many ways, so I'm sure you won't regret the upgrade :)
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    Kevin Telltale Staff BANNED
    The difference in performance between XP and ME on our Dimension 8100 is quite dramatic. You'll enjoy the upgrade if you choose to do it. Plus you'll be able to play Bone!
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