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SBCG4AP episodes not working right

posted by Ebon Jackal on - last edited - Viewed by 200 users

This occurs with every one of the episodes on the PC version. I installed them without a hitch but now none of the buttons will appear. This is not the only game my computer has done such things to but I'm beginning to get worried. Is there any way to solve this?

I'm running Windows XP, by the way.
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  • That means that either Internet Explorer is partly broken on your computer, or some other application is messing with the way it renders pages. You should be able to click on where the buttons should be, though.

    If you fill in your info, the submit button is the broken image just below the password field. The 'demo' button is the one above "Enter your email address"
  • Somehow it takes me nowhere. It just sits there and doesn't respond, even if I click every single button.

    I saw another thread on here that mentioned something about Javascript and tried to reinstall that but it didn't seem to make a difference, either.
  • Guess what? I found the solution and it was really... friggin'... stupid!

    All it took was:
    • Going to Internet Options
    • Going to the Advanced Tab
    • Scrolling down to the Multimedia section
    • Checking the "Show pictures" and "Show image download placeholders" boxes
    • Applying the changes
    And I found all this out AFTER reinstalling Java and updating to IE7.
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