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I know that some people probably read this, but when everybody tells me-click WALKTHROUGHS on the bottom of the page of each game menu, NOTHING HAPPENS. Help!! (help!)
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  • Last time on Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, we left Strong Bad in the clutches of the angry Dangeresque 3 supporting cast. Looks like he's going to have to jump! Which he does, promptly bashing his body into the neglected Trogdor arcade machine. The impact seems to have shaken loose something in the inner workings of the game, causing enough of a stir to clear the room of enraged cast members. Unfortunately, the sparking arcade cabinet seems to be totally broken (rather than the mere regular kind of broken from the previous episodes). Before SB and Strong Sad can inspect it closer, a pair of wings, some legs, and a beefy arm suddenly burst forth from the cabinet! Trogdor seems to have partially manifested his bad self in the real world. The cabinet chases after Strong Sad, leaving Strong Bad in awe of such a cool, cool beast.

    House of Strong
    Strong Sad's whimpering and crying are coming from upstairs, so head up there to see what's going on. He's cowering in the kitchen, and if you talk to him he'll tell you that the machine needs a new logic board. Strong Bad's still a bit hesitant to actually put a stop to Trogdor, so talk to Strong Sad about said dragon, and then about the logic board. It seems that SB has damaged the 8-Bit containment field, and will need to call Videlectrix for a replacement board. Strong Sad manages to convince him to fix the machine, but has doubts he'll be able to fix the problem himself. He'd have to be some kind of idiot to attempt that! Reluctantly, he hands over the arcade key to Strong Bad. Head out the front door, and Trogdor will flee to a spot in the field next to Strong Badia.

    Exterior (Trogdor Machine / Strong Badia)
    Follow him there and attempt to interact with the machine. After a pretty impressive punch to the face, Strong Bad seems to finally agree with Strong Sad's estimation on his chances of succeeding alone. As if on cue, Homestar strolls into frame looking as chipper and dimwitted as ever. Head over to the left to talk to the H-star-man in Strong Badia. He really wants to go play that walking videogame, but he lost his lucky quarter and won't go over there until it is found. Talk to him about Trogdor, the quarter, and his cell phone. He's got a gut feeling that Lucky George is close by, but he doesn't know where his phone is, except for the fact that he heard it ringing in SB's bedroom that one time. Sounds pretty fishy; go ahead and return to the House of Strong to investigate.

    House of Strong
    Head in to Strong Bad's room and you'll encounter The Cheat enthusiastically waving a new game cartridge around. Talk to him and remind him that he's not supposed to play with or be around the Fun Machine unless Strong Bad is around. Looks like his game of choice is—ugh—Gel-arshie's Pro Fruitboarder, some promotional shovelware that Strong Bad got by sending in some proofs of purchase awhile back. Take a look at the other game in the cartridge. It's Spirits of '76, a game featuring an awesome light musket used for stopping those ghastly Redcoat spirits. Unfortunately, the light musket attachment is nowhere to be found, so there will be no ghost hunting right now. Getting back to the mission at hand, perhaps that Taranchula Black Metal detector will help find Homestar's stupid quarter; pick it up. The phone doesn't seem to be anywhere obvious, so why not paw through the messy pile on Strong Bad's bed. There it is! Return to Strong Badia.

    Exterior (Strong Badia / Trogdor Machine / Bubs' Concession Stand)
    Pull out the metal detector and start going over the dirt at Strong Badia to see if you can find Lucky George. Something seems to be very close to Homestar Runner. Walk over to him and it will become apparent that he swallowed his quarter. Denying this, Homestar will snatch (somehow) the metal detector and head towards the renegade arcade cabinet. Distracted by the search, Homestar will end up in striking range of the beefy arm, which delivers a powerful enough blow to dislodge and eject the coin from Homestar's belly. Strong Bad, erm, catches it, so run over and return the quarter to Homestar. He'll dash over to the machine and begin playing it, so to speak, and will give you time to unlock the cabinet. Walk over and use the key on the arcade machine.

    Unfortunately, we don't have a new logic board for the machine yet, so we'll have to leave Homestar to suffer a few punches to the face while we phone up the Videlectrix guys. Use Homestar's phone to call them. Strong Bad will explain the situation, which leads the main Videlectrix guy to act as if SB has reached their automated phone tree. To hear about their latest games, say "1"; to join the Videlectrix Good Graphicketeers, say "2"; and for the hint line, say "3". None of these options really seem all that relevant to the current problem, so say "4". This seems to confuse the guy on the phone, since there wasn't an option 4. He drops the answering service act and offers to ship a new Trogdor logic board. After the conversation ends, a new board will promptly be air-dropped next to the concession stand, so head over there to check it out.

    There seems to be a bit of scaffolding in front of the building, and Marzipan and Bubs seem to be in the midst of an argument. You might as well ask Bubs about it. He's closed the store for remodeling after all the damage the store incurred during the production of Dangeresque 3. However, the job can't be finished while the machine is making that racket. Examine the Videlectrix box to the right of the stand to get the new logic board. Get back to the arcade game and pop that board in! While Strong Bad is working on it, he gets a call from Videlectrix warning against using the card after it's been exposed to radioactivity. Oh well, we don't have to worry about that do we? We just have a sparking metal detector and a slightly-irradiated Homestar Runner within 3 feet of the open cabinet. Uh-oh. An immense force of some kind is released into Free Country USA, whose effects are unknown at present. While it seems that the arcade cabinet is devoid of Trogdor, a loud noise coming from Strong Badia can't be good. Head over there now.

    The charred ruins of Strong Bad's countryside can only mean that Trogdor has escaped into the real world. What's (arguably) worse, Homestar appears to be your new hint-giving buddy, and now seems to be stuck in some sort of pop-up window. Something is seriously screwed up with reality, and Strong Bad needs to put a stop to this madness. He must…kill…TROGDOR! Since video games have crossed over into the real world, perhaps it works both ways. Have Strong Bad seek out some dragon-slaying advice by really getting into the game. I mean, literally. Crawl inside that open Trogdor cabinet, mister!

    Videlectrix Mainframe
    Strong Bad drops in to a strange bluey-stripey-shapey space, surrounded by hexagons of all his favorite games (and SBCG4AP!). It looks like you can make SB jump right into them by clicking on them, so go ahead and head into Peasant's Quest to talk to that rather dashing Trogdorkilla, Rather Dashing. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of those games with copy protection nonsense. You are asked by the Copy Protector what Paul Revere's favorite ice cream flavor is. Ugh. If we had the official game manual and Invisiglasses™ we could solve this problem easily. However, this game is super-old, and these cardboard and cellophane pack-ins have long since vanished. It looks like Strong Bad's not getting into Peasantry for awhile, at least until we find some way to reveal the hidden messages on the giant code wheel.

    Homestar butts in to mention that the Spirits of '76 game might be useful in solving this riddle, since it features a handful of Founding Fathers right there in the game. However, perhaps Strong Bad should explore another game in the mainframe for the time being. Stinkoman 20x6 looks intriguing, yes? Go ahead and hop in…well, that one seems to be region-locked. What is wrong with this stupid mainframe?! Can't even play imported video games. Examine Space Circus Catastrophe, the game from the previous episode. Strong Bad won't go in there with all those evil clowns, but he manages to charm a circus bear to jump out of the game and join his party. Hey, if that bear joined your party, maybe other video game folk will as well. Jump into the Videlectrix Halfathalon game.

    Videlectrix Halfathalon™
    It worked! You end up in a place looking remarkably like Coach Z's track, save for the pixelated scorpions and giant pool of lava. When you attempt to talk to the Coach, he is subdued by scorpions and killed, with a floating "Continue?" question above him. If you select that floating text, Coach Z will get back up, but only long enough to get a couple of words out before being re-killed by the scorpions. There isn't anything we can do for Z right now, so wander over and talk to Strong Mad, who has taken on the role of Putchnya Shotski, "famous" Soviet athlete and star of the Videlectrix Halfathalon game. If you talk to him twice, Strong Bad will ask Putchnya to join his party. However, he will only join if he wins the trophy.

    Go over and examine that ball marked "checkpoint" that is hovering above the start line. It shows the items in your inventory, and something else happens, too. A vine made of pixels blinks into existence. Perhaps if Strong Bad wins this challenge, he can get Mr. Shotski in his party. Click on the vine when it swings back towards you to bypass the lava pool. Run past the dirt area and hop on the penguin heads to get past the ice level. Grab the 8-bit trophy and run the course in reverse. Give the trophy to Strong Mad, and he'll join your party! So, you know, if you need any shots put, you're covered. Let's head to the mainframe by going through that hexagonal portal thing to the right of the unconscious Coach Z.

    Videlectrix Mainframe / Gel-Arshie's Backstage
    Since clicking on the "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" Hexagon will just take us back to the field next to the Arcade Machine, let's go to the one that hasn't been explored yet: Gel-arshie's Pro Fruitboarder. Ugh.

    Since no one is playing the game, Gel-Arshie is just standing around. Talk to him; since he's not doing anything useful, perhaps he can help you defeat Trogdor by joining your party. Unfortunately, he's gone quite mad with power in his lonely state (apparently the evil Professor Pineapple is just a prop!), and won't leave the game unless someone hits the Kill screen. To do that, one would have to get an impossibly high score in the game.

    Let's see if we can facilitate this. It looks like Strong Bad can control the flow of fruit from the professor's contraption by adjusting the difficulty slider, and the type of fruit by pulling the lever in the back. Since the villainous character seems to be hoarking up yellow fruit to use against Gel-Arshie, let's switch to good, pure, red fruit to help him in his quest for rad combos. Next, adjust the difficulty slider to dramatically increase the amount of fruit that the professor fires from the big machine. All that's left to do is to go back and play the game at the House of Strong, right? Open up the map and head there now.

    House of Strong
    Great, and now the house is haunted by the Spirits of '76 game. Head inside to see if there's anything we can do about that. Well, nope. The Redcoat spirits surround you and eject you from the premises. We're going to need to find that light musket attachment if we hope to exorcise these spooky ghosts. Maybe Bubs has some answers to this and other video game problems, like how to get around that blasted region-locking on Stinkoman 20x6. Head to the Concession Stand now.

    As soon as you arrive, it's apparent that things are not as they should be here, as well. Marzipan seems to have taken on the persona of Lady Crate Ape, the titular character from one of those games that attempted to get girls to play video games. Bubs is trapped up on the roof of the stand and won't be able to help you with your video game problems until Marzipan can be subdued. Marzipan hurls a crate and knocks out a bush nearby, revealing a new path.

    Before we go there, though, we should probably take a run around the area to note what else has changed in Strong Bad's surroundings. Heading to the right, run past the burning Strong Badia and arcade cabinet, and over to the cool car. Examine the car, and Strong Bad will notice something new: a pair of 2D snakes on the hood. He'll grab them and—perhaps unwisely—stuff them in his pants. Keep running past the photo booth and the white fence until Strong Bad pauses to see a familiar-looking space tour bus crash into the bushes. It's the vessel from Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey, and Limozeen Larry is not too happy about their predicament. Perhaps they could help you out in scooping up Marzipan from the roof, but they won't be able to do that until their ride is fixed. For now, keep going right. On top of the red brick wall, the Algebros will be duking it out with an equation. Talk to them and they'll agree to join your party. Who knows what math-related puzzles you'll be able to solve? Keep going, and you'll arrive at the path that was opened up by Marzipan, as indicated by the big crate sitting to the left of the walkway. Have Strong Bad check it out.

    Head behind the scenes and you'll find a massive wall of crates, as well as a mildly confused Poopsmith, who believes he is Mista Fixit from that old construction worker game. He'd probably prove pretty handy in the fight against Trogdor, but he won't join your party unless you get him some rivets, or whatever the drawing he keeps holding up is supposed to represent. Walk to the left until Strong Bad almost steps on Snake Boxer, who is hard to see in his 2D top-down form. Talk to him, and he'll join your party. There's a crate off to the side of the big pile, but Strong Bad won't be able to open it by himself. Perhaps it's time to use some inventory items and/or party members. Pull out the 2D snakes and place them on the crate. Then use Snake Boxer on the crate. He'll punch it open, revealing a genuine light musket attachment! Strong Bad should now be able to rid his happy home of spirits. Return to the House of Strong. Feel free to use this same trick on any other loose crates you might run across, too!

    House of Strong
    Pull out the light musket outside the house. This time, when you enter, you'll have a small circle of light to ward off the Redcoat spirits. If they get too close, you can move the light circle to drive them away. If you're totally surrounded, you can fire the musket to drive the ghosts further away. Your goal here is to try to find four Founding Father spirits, and reunite them with their prized objects (which they give clues for). Here's where you'll need to go to find the spirits and the objects they need to be free:

    Colonial Spirit Spirit's Location Spirit's Object Object's Location
    Benjamin Franklin Upstairs, in the computer room. Key Downstairs, on top of the washer and dryer.
    John Hancock Upstairs, in Strong Mad's room. Quill pen (feather) Strong Bad's room, on the table.
    Samuel Adams Main floor, between kitchen and Strong Bad's room. Tea Bag (trust us) Upstairs, in Strong Sad's room, on top of the bookcase.
    Paul Revere Downstairs, in the TV room. Lantern Upstairs, in Strong Mad's room, on top of the dresser.

    Once you find an item, just use it on the appropriate Colonial guy. Once all four objects have been returned to their owners, the house will return to normal. Unfortunately, Paul Revere's spirit didn't have time to answer the question related to his favorite ice cream flavor. However, you can now play that Gel-Arshie game. So that's cool! Go ahead and give it a whirl. If you flipped all those levers and sliders before in the backstage part of Fruitboarder, this is what should happen next: You start the game and proceed to get, like, a jillion points in a matter of a few seconds. Once the kill screen occurs, the game will become unplayable, and Gel-Arshie will escape from the TV and will join your party. He has the ability to turn everything red; perhaps he could be a suitable replacement for those old cellophane glasses that went missing from Strong Bad's Peasant's Quest game all those years ago. Go have Strong Bad try it out back at the mainframe.

    Videlectrix Mainframe
    You will need to use Gel-Arshie on the code wheel, and then use the code wheel by lining up the correct character with their object. Once the screen turns red, you'll be able to read the answers given by the code wheel. Now, it's merely a matter of lining up the correct character and object. From the game you just got done playing in the House of Strong, you might remember that Paul Revere is the one with the lantern, so find the character that looks like an 8-bit colonial guy holding a lantern (by clicking "Next Character" until the wheel rotates around), and then line up the lantern object in the smaller icon ring on the wheel. When both are aligned with the arrow at the top, you can read the correct answer: "None: Lactose Intolerant". Click on "Exit", and then talk to the Copy Protector by clicking on the "Peasant's Quest" hexagon. He'll ask you the same question, and you can answer (by clicking on the ice cream icon) that Revere does not, in fact, have a favorite flavor of ice cream (the icon that has ice cream crossed out). Having answered the question correctly, you will be propelled into the classic adventure-style setting of Peasant's Quest.

    Peasant's Quest: Forest
    Strong Bad arrives in a painstakingly-rendered 8-bit forest. Rather Dashing is over to the right of the gateway back to the Mainframe, so go have a chat with him about Trogdor-killing and other subjects. When you ask Rather Dashing about Trogdor, SB will allude to rumors of weak spots in Trogdor's scaly skin where he might be prone to more damage. Next, ask about the Trogsword™; Mr. Dashing will explain that the sword was swept away from its usual spot at the Inn, to a strange land that contained floating platforms and slightly higher resolution. We're going to have to get into Stinkoman's game world to retrieve the sword, but we can't do that until we rescue Bubs from Lady Crate Ape. Finally, ask Rather Dashing about himself, and whether he'd be willing to join your party. He says he doesn't want to get burninated anymore, and has shifted his focus to princess-saving. Well, perhaps he can still be of use later.

    End the conversation, and take a look around. To the left of the portal, the King of Town appears to have taken on the guise of a giant scorpion monster. If you run into him, you'll "die". Thankfully, Strong Bad will ignore the death message. Over by the lake to
  • For something less painful than three pages of straight copy-pasting, you can also try the Homestar Runner Wiki - it's even got details about 100% awesomeness at the bottoms of the walkthroughs.
  • Thank you!!! But (I SWEAR), I had just finished the 5 and 2 100% awesomeness in each one. All I need right know is Ep. 3. But that thread did help me out a bit. I found a whole bunch of extra easter eggs. I also couldn't reply early enough because the internet on my computer is down. So I'm using my dad's. :rolleyes::o
  • Ok. I am on my own computer now. So, after my dad had fixed my internet, I looked on his computer, logged in, and then looked on the walkthrough page on one episode and it worked!!! So, my dad set everything to exactly what he had on his computer. Yet, it STILL does not work!!! So, at that point I just gave up. Any ideas?
  • If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say your father has javascript disabled. I can't really tell from over here, though.
  • My,god!! Just that very same day I had javascript downloaded onto my computer because my dad TOLD me too!!! Yet on his computer(since I'm connected to his), He has it too!! My dad's thinking about putting a new video card into my computer. Do you think that's a good idea?:(:)
  • Better graphics cards are generally a good idea, but it won't fix your problem with the Telltale website.
  • Well, generally, my dad got so tired of me asking, that he sent an e-mail to telltale saying my prob. But no one has responded!!:mad::mad:
  • Well, generally, my dad got so tired of me asking, that he sent an e-mail to telltale saying my prob. But no one has responded!!:mad::mad:
    And that was a week ago!!
  • Typical, typical, typical, after two weeks of trying to get it on, my dad figured it out. I had the firewall enable on pop-ups. After we fixed it, I can see everything now!!! So, NOW I'm-a gonna get this thread looked and deleted!!!
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